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			To Seek A Dream

			Chapter One
	"Score!" shoted the announcer to the crowd as Nosedive slammed the
puck into the net. It was another night in Anahiem. Another game won. 
Another battle brewing in the distant but close future. The ducks
celebrated their win with the usual cheering. Almost. Wildwing was 
unusually quiet this night. Nosedive ran around the lockerroom whooping 
and hollering like he had won his first game. Wing smiled calmly. He 
stepped forward to catch his enthusiastic brother when Mal tripped him.
"You played good tonight." Wildwing said helping Nosedive to his feet. 
Nosedive looked at Wing and smiled. He had known Wildwing all his life and
still he loved to hear his brother compliment him. Not that he had a big 
head. He just loved making his brother proud. Something that was hard to 
do. It had become especially hard lately. Nosedive brushed off the notion
that Wing was worried about something. The Ducks left their lockerroom and
headed to their kitchen to celebrate. Except for Wildwing. He had noticed a
teenage girl watching them from the door. Wildwing hid behind the lockers
and quietly watched her. She was petite with long red hair. What Wing 
noticed first was her bright green eyes. They were sad. As if someone had
died taking part of her soul with them. She came in the room and looked
about for something or someone. Her eyes came to rest on Wildwing's hiding
place. Just then Nosedive came out of the elevator tube. Obviously looking
for Wildwing. Startled the girl ran for the door. While Nosedive had 
distracted her Wildwing had gone around the lockers and blocked the door.
The girl ran straight into him and fell backwards to the floor. Wildwing 
was now in his battlegear. The girl gawked in awe at Wildwing. She was
amazed at fearsome he looked with the mask. Nosedive stood at the door 
puzzled. He gave Wing a questioning look. Wing looked at his brother and
back at the girl. "May I help you Miss?" he said offering her his hand to
help her up. She hesitantly took his hand. When she let go she had left a
silver pendant in his hand. She smiled knowingly and sped out of the room.
Wildwing and Nosedive went to the kitchen to relate this strange event to
their teamates. "Strange." said Duke who examined the pendant. Being the
best jewel theif Puckworld ever knew he had gained a great storehouse of
knowledge about jewelry. He could tell you where it's from, it's market
value, it's past, and other various odd things. "One thing's for sure. 
It's not a human design." he said at long last. "What do you mean?" Tanya
asked. "Well, first of all, it's not silver. I've only seen this kind of 
jewelry once before." "How much do you know about it?" Wildwing asked in 
his usual impatience. "Everything." Duke said with a smile. A smile that
told everyone that he had a secret to tell. "It's a long story though."
Duke said, "I'll let you get some sleep first and tell ya in the morning."
Duke walked up to Wildwing and placed the pendant around his neck. "Sweet
dreams great leader." Duke said. Wildwing heard something is Duke's voice
that said 'don't take it off and guard it carefully'. Strangely Duke had
never called Wildwing 'great leader' before. Something was up and Wing
wasn't sure he wanted to know what. Wildwing went to bed. He had no 
trouble going to sleep. Usually games kept him wired for hours. Not 
tonight though. 
	Wildwing looked about him and saw he was not in his bed, not in 
his room.He was some place he did not know. A forest enchanted in ways he
did not know. He heard a giggle and saw a pair of green eyes watching him
from the bushes. He tried to call out but he couldn't. Out from the bushes
stepped the girl who had given him the pendant. Wing looked and saw that 
he still had it. --Don't take it off-- the girl said as if she had read 
his mind. Wildwing tried to speak but he couldn't. --Don't struggle-- 
she said. Wildwing stopped and listened and watched the girl. She hadn't 
spoke but thought. He was hearing her thoughts. --Who are you?-- he 
thought. The girl smirked. --You are learning-- --Learning? 
Who are you!?-- Wildwing insisted. --Who am I? I am the being of dream 
seekers that seeks the truth of the great leader-- was the answer he 
recieved. --Do you have a name?--Wildwing asked still puzzling over her
answer. --Foxspirit is what I'm called-- said the redhead as if she was
dissapointed with Wing. Then she smiled and ran off into the woods.
Wildwing chased after her. They ran for an eternity that even Wildwing
didn't realize. Finally Wildwing stopped. Where had she gone? She had
left the forest and dissapeared into thin air. Wildwing looked around
him. He was in a clearing. The forest had dissapeared from view. A few
meters away was a lining of cliffs. Wildwing noticed for the first time
that the sky was dark. It was a night of unknown beauty. The stars were
out and shining and the moon shed it's veil of erie light around the 
meadow above the valley. Wildwing saw a valley below the cliffs. Then
he saw someone. A girl. She wasn't the foxspirit. Wildwing approached 
her from behind. --The moon is quiet tonight-- said a voice. --Who are
you?-- Wildwing asked thinking this was all redundant. He recieved no
answer. Wing studied this new girl. She was pretty. Her hair was curly
and it was about shoulder length. It was blonde or was it brown? He 
couldn't decide. The moon's light fell on her face hiding her eyes.
Wildwing only saw one side of her face. He touched her shoulder lightly
and asked --Who are you?--. All she said was --You will find out soon.
Have patience for you are the chosen one of Ducaine. The great leader.--
She turned to make eye contact with him. What Wildwing saw horrified
him. She was half robot. The human eye he saw was glowing blue and the
robot eye was red with impending evil.
	The next morning Wildwing woke up to see he had overslept. His
alarm never went off. He had never set it. Wing looked at his pillow.
It was stained from sweat. --What happened last night?--. The memories
of his dream came back. Widlwing looked at the pendant and it's strange
markings. It was all too familiar. --Duke had better have some answers.
Cuase last night just made more questions--. Wildwing got dressed and
went to breakfast unaware of the transluscent pair of green eyes that
watched his every move. --Soon chosen one. Soon--  

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