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			To Seek A Dream

			Chapter Two
	Duke had finished his breakfast and was cleaning his mess when
Wildwing came into the kitchen and grabbed him by the shirt collar.
"You have more questions to answer." Wing said. Duke could tell that
obviously Wildwing had had an 'encouter'. Duke smirked and removed his 
shirt from Wing's hand. Duke handed Wing a banana and sat him down.
"Shoot." he said. "Bang!" Nosedive said. Wildwing gave Nosedive one of
his 'you're pushing my limits' look. Nosedive shut his beak and sat 
down. He was, after all, interested in that girl in the lockerroom. Or
who was in the lockerroom. "What is this pendant? Where is it from?
Does it have to do anything with my dream last night? If it does why
do we have it? What is the purpose of this whole situation to begin
with?" Wildwing barraged Duke with his questions. Duke thought for a 
minute and said "One, It is a moon pendant. Two, it's from Puckworld.
Three, yes it is involved with your dreams. Four, to fulfill prophesy."
Wildwing looked at Duke. "Uhhh... sure." Nosedive just looked at Duke
then at Wildwing. "I'll just tell ya the whole story, Ok? Duke said.
	"About twenty years ago in Ducaine city on Puckworld I was 
sitting in my Dad's workshop. He made jewelry and sold it. One day he
got a small package of a strange metal no one could identify. With it
came a set of scrolls. I was watching him interpret the scroll's 
writings. He mumrmured to himself unaware that I was listening. It 
		Mask of legends from this shall be made
		Moon's adornment also to accompany it
		Suarian's once, Suarian's twice
		So shall the prophesy be fulfilled
		The legend's chosen one shall bear
		To a spirit's keeper as a freed fox."

"Freed fox? Chosen one? Spirits? Those were all in my dream. I was 
called chosen one. That girl was called Foxspirit!" Wildwing 
interrupted. "Yes I imagine so. Now please don't interrupt." "Sorry"

		Dreams and cloaks to be revealed 
		Souls to be healed so it goes
My father read another scroll silently then looked at the metal sitting
on his desk. Then he put on his's jeweler's apron and fired up his 
forge. He worked for many hours while I watched. He made a pendant. He
then packed a bag. He put the pendant in a box, then into the bag. He
also placed his engraving tools and the scrolls in the bag. Father told
me to get my coat. When I came back he had his coat on and was waiting.
My home was closed up for the night as me and my father set out on a 
journey that I'll never forget.

	"Wow! Did you find any evil cyborgs or sleazoroboids?" Nosedive
put in exictedly. Duke looked at Dive in exasperation. Then he noticed 
that the others had gathered around. It wasn't often that Duke spoke of
his past. Or his father for that matter. "Sorry, kid," Duke smiled "no
monsters this time." Nosedive wasn't a bad kid. Just misunderstood. He
would be something important someday. If he wasn't already. Nosedive 
slumped back in his chair dissapointed. Duke just shook his head.

	"We went to the airport and flew to sorcerer valley. I doubt 
you've heard of it. I learned all the tricks of my trade there. When we
arrived a ladyduck was waiting for us. I quickly learned that she was 
my mother. I had always wondered why I had grey feathers instead of 
white. My father had white feathers. My mother introduced me to the
mystic clans of Puckworld. Here, there were ducks old enough to 
remember Drake Ducaine himself. I noticed that most of them had black
feathers. My grandfather(who was my mother's father) told me that all 
the mystics had black feathers to distinguish them from the citizens.
Grey feathers meant that the duck had an unusual talent. Mine was 

	Duke puased long enough to see everyone glance back at Grin. 
When he had everyone's attention again he resumed.

	"My father and grandfather discussed the pendant and the 
scrolls. My Grandmother took me and my mother to the woods for a hike.
While I was gone my grandfather and other mystics engraved the pendant
with an incantation. I was later told this same incantation was also
engraved on the mask and that the mask was made of the same metal.
That is how the pendant was created. It's purpose was to fulfill the
prophesies by stimulating actions by sending dreams. The only one who
can recieve these dreams though are the chosen one and the spirit's
keeper. I don't know who either of them are. And now the pendant has
come full circle and the real adventures start."

	Duke sat back and watched Wildwing's response with interest.
They didn't have much more time to discuss it. Drake1's alarm suddenly
screamed full volume startling all of the ducks. Nosedive fell out of
his seat while Tanya shreiked. Wildwing checked on Drake One. "A bank 
alarm has gone off downtown. And it's not a robbery." Wildwing said.

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