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			To Seek a Dream

			Chapter Three
The Ducks took the migrator to Anahiem 1st national bank. Wing sent Tanya 
to go talk to Captain Klegghorn to see what happened. Wildwing didn't feel 
as if every thing was all right. The pendant was glowing a ghostly blue. 
Wildwing scanned the area with the mask. All of the sudden the mask zeroed 
in on one person. A teenage girl. The half robot from his dream! He 
scanned her with the mask. --Strange. She's totally human. She looks just 
like the girl in my dream. But there is no robotic part to her.-- Wildwing 
thought. Mallory watched Wildwing. She knew from the expression on his 
face that his thoughts were racing like madmen. His eyes were locked on to 
something. Mal slowly traced his line of sight till she saw a petite 
blonde. The girl looked their way. She seemed a bit shocked at first. 
Mallory watched the teenager go and speak to Captain Klegghorn. She handed 
him a small white peice of paper. Mallory guessed that it was a business 
card from her viewpoint. When Mallory broke her gaze away from the girl 
she saw that Tanya had returned with news. "It was a car wreck and a 
double murder." Tanya informed her teamates. "I don't get it." Nosedive 
said. Tanya rolled her eyes. "Some weirdo charged out of the bank and shot 
two people. These people fell in the street. A car stopped so that they 
would not run over the bodies. Then other cars ran into the first car. Now 
can you say 'how sad'?" mocked Tanya. "Ha ha." "Wildwing." called a 
familiar but antagonizing voice. Wildwing turned in time to see Klegghorn 
walk up to them. "I was told to give you this." he said. Klegghorn handed 
Wing a business card. Mallory recognized it as the one the girl gave 
Klegghorn. "Uhhh... Thanks." Wing said. Klegghorn hurried off while 
Wildwing examined the card. "Anahiem Foster Center for Abandoned Teens" 
he muttered. "Hmph." Wildwing looked up and scanned the area. Mallory 
guessed that he was looking for the girl. Mallory looked and quickly 
spotted her. The girl made eye contact with Wildwing. Mallory heard Wing 
muttering again but she couldn't make out what he said. He had turned and 
was walking towards the Migrator. The other Ducks had also noticed Wing's
behavior and slowly followed him. All but Duke was wondering what was 
going on. Duke of course didn't know what was happening but knew that it 
must happen.
	Back at the Pond, Mallory confronted Wildwing. "I wanna know 
what's going on here!" she said. "Don't you think if I knew I'd tell you?"
he replied. "Hmph. There's gotta be something you know!" "Nothing that
makes sense. Look why don't you and I go check out this address and get 
some answers from that girl?" Wildwing suggested. "Well, it's better than
nothing." Mal agreed to go. The two left on a duckcycle and found the 
foster center. An old but exuberant lady answered Wildwing's knock on the
door. "Can I help you... uhh.. sir." the lady said. She was quite 
surprised to see two of the Mighty Ducks standing on the front doorstep of
her establishment. "I believe so," said Wildwing, "We're looking for a
teenager." "Well it's a center for abandoned teens. You should find plenty
here." Said the woman with a smile. "We're looking for a girl, probally
around sixteen, she has blonde shoulder length hair. It's very curly. She
also has blue eyes and stands about five foot one." Mallory pitched in.
"Ahh, yes. We have a young lady who resides here that matches that 
description. Unfortunately if you're looking to adopt then you're about a
year too late. Rose will be just living here for the next week. Then she
will be moving into her boarding school." "Oh no, we don't want to adopt.
We just want to speak with her." Mallory responded. "Oh ok. Unfortunately
she's not here at the moment. She's in her classes at the boarding 
school." the old woman informed them. "Could you give us directions to 
this boarding school?" Wildwing asked. "Yes I can. The address is 1400 Moon
Drive." "Thank you, maam." Wildwing said. Wing and Mallory hopped onto the
duckcycle and drove to the address they were given. The school was a huge 
building. It was surrounded by ten foot brick fences and a fifteen foot
iron gate. Above the gate was an old dilapidated sign. It read: 
		Matthew's School For The Mentally Gifted
Wildwing and Mallory exchanged glances. The gate was unlocked so Wildwing
and Mallory just walked in. They did not see the set of domineering blue
eyes watching them. Once inside the fence Wildwing saw what seemed to be
a dense forest. It really was a huge garden grown for combat. A style of 
combat that was nearly unlimited in every way. The trees were old and 
their branches hung low. Much of the fall sunlight was cut away by this
forests lush canopy. What light did get through set a greenish and 
unusually comforting setting. Too comforting. Wildwing and Mallory didn't
get to explore for long. Wing saw a flash of gold as Mallory fell to the 
ground. Before he could react he too was pushed to the ground and knocked
	Wildwing slowly opened his eyes to adjust to the dim lighting of the
room. Or fort or whatever it was. He couldn't quite tell. He heard Mallory
moan next him. Wildwing surveyed their surroundings. They were in what 
looked like a prison cell of some sort. Just beyond the bars Wing could see
two humans. One of them was the blonde girl that he was looking for. What
was her name again? Rose was what the caretaker said. Wildwing watched her
silently argue with a young man. The man was tall and well built. Like Rose,
he had penetrating blue eyes. He had brown hair instead of Rose's brown-
blonde. They wore identical uniforms. A black bodysuit and a bullet-proof 
vest. Wing strained to hear what they were saying. "We should report this
to the sargent, Rose. We're gonna get in even more trouble if we don't. He's
already mad becuase we left the grounds earlier." "I know, Jack, but this is
more important than what Sarge thinks." "Just becuase he was in your dream?"
"He's the chosen one. He has the mask and the pendant." "Gimme a break, 
Rose, Just becuase he's a mask and a necklace doesn't mean he's the chosen
one." "Jack, haven't you learned anything. The engraved incantations are the
same ones in the scroll's prophesy." "Ok ok, you got a point. I still think
we need to stick to regulations though." Wildwing watched as Jack reached 
for what looked like a communicator of some sort. Rose jumped between him 
and the table. "No you don't." she said. Jack tried to gently move Rose away 
from the table. Rose would not have any of that. She kept getting in the way
and Jack kept trying to get around her without hurting her. Finally his 
temper broke. He grabbed Rose around the waist and picked her up. He turned
to put her down. Rose gained enough footing to twist her body. Her sudden
turn threw Jack's balance off and he fell. Rose fell with him and landed 
right on top. Neither of them moved for about a second. Then Rose jumped up
and ran for the table. Rose snatched up the communicator and tossed it out 
a window. "Hey!" Jack leaped out of the window after it. Rose lost no time. 
She pulled a set of keys out of her pocket and unlocked the door to the 
cell. "Quick, he'll be back soon. I know a place where we can talk privately
for at least a little while." Wildwing and Mallory exchanged a quick glance
then followed Rose to the door of the hideaway(fort, room, etc.). The door
flew open and there stood a very unhappy Jack. Rose tossed the keys in 
Jack's face. "Thanks!" Rose said and pushed him out of the way. Rose led
Wildwing and Mallory to a small cove of bushes. "Stay here for a minute.
I'm gonna go take care of something." Wildwing tracked Rose with the mask.
She had climbed up in a tree and was loading some sort of gun with white
amunition. Rose then waited. Mallory nugded Wing when she saw Jack come out
of the fort(call it what you like). Wildwing watched as Rose took careful
aim and shot her partner. White paint splattered against Jack's upper left
leg. "@*#~!" Jack cursed and fell to the ground. Rose came back to the 
cove. "Come on. It's a little more safe now." she said. Rose quickly 
sought her bearings and began to run.Wildwing and Mallory followed Rose 
through the woods for a what seemed like another eternity. Mallory began 
to feel like she was falling when she realized she was. All three of them 
had fallen down a large hole. Next they were cuaght in a net. Two ducks 
and a human all tangled up in a makeshift trap of vines. Then they fell 
again. Only a few feet to the ground fortunately. The net was cut loose 
as Rose weilded a small dagger. Mallory sniffed the air. "I smell smoke." 
Mal whispered to her companions. "Perfect." muttered Rose. "We'd better 
get moving. I know where we are." Rose got up. Rose felt something hit her 
in the back. Wildwing and Mallory looked at what appeared to be a white 
liquid of some sort. "Uh oh. We gotta hurry. We've been spotted!" Rose 
sasid hurriedly. She tore off her bulletproof vest and threw it to the 
ground. "Run!" Rose said directing the two ducks down the tunnel. Rose
looked back long enough to see someone in white bent over her vest. They
looked up and watched Rose and the Ducks disappear into the woods at the
end of the tunnel.

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