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			To Seek a Dream

			Chapter Four
	After plenty more running the trio reached a small stronghold. 
Rose sat on a stool and sighed. "We'll be safe here for a little while."
she said. Mallory explored the place while Wildwing pulled up another 
stool. "I have a lot of questions." he said. "I know." Rose replied in a 
rather odd manner. "All I know is that something is going to happen. 
Something that may or may not kill us all." "Do you know what is going to
happen?" "If I could tell the future I'd be a fortune teller not a 
dimensional telepath under military training." Mallory stopped and looked
at Rose curiosly. "What's a dimensional telepath?" she asked. "A person
who can communicate with people in other dimensions." Rose answered. 
"You can do that?" Wing asked. This was quite a surprise. "Yes, I can. I
have even communicated with the dimension of the dead. Mr. Lincoln is 
quite the conversationist, you know." Rose smiled. "Uhh.. yeah. So how do
we know whatever is going to happen has happened?" Wildwing asked. Rose 
looked at the two ducks. --You will know, chosen one.-- Rose stood up and
quickly surveyed the room. Wildwing looked at Rose. He felt like another
presence had entered the room. Several of them, really. Mallory looked at
her two companions is confusion. "What's going on here?" she finally 
asked in desperation. If there was one thing Mallory hated it was not 
knowing what was going on. "We'll all find that out when the time comes."
said a strong male voice. Rose spun around quickly. "I expected more from
you Cadet." A man strode in the door. He was tall and not badly built. He
wore a blue military uniform. Behind him followed several other people.
Including Jason and the girl in white who had shot Rose. Jason handed
Rose the bullet-proof vest she had discarded. "I thought you might want 
this." he said. Wildwing surveyed the people who had entered the room.
There 21 people including him and Mallory. There was that man who they
came to know as Sargent Maloney. Then there were eighteen teenagers. 
Including Rose and Jason. Wildwing noticed that the teens were seperated
into groups of two. Each in matching uniforms. "You are interested in our
operations here. Are you not, Mr. Wildwing?" Sargent Maloney asked. "More
like what this pendant has to do with me and what's going on." Wing said.
he was slightly displeased. They hadn't gotten anywhere. "I beleive I can
help with that." said a voice on the other side of the room. It was that
red head who had given him the pendant. The same one from his dream. She
had called herself Foxspirit. "You are the chosen descendant of Drake 
Ducaine. Chosen to follow in his footsteps and finsh what he started. In
other words. Destroy the Suarian race." She said. The rest of the teens
shook their heads and whispered quietly among themselves. "That'll be 
enough of that!" Sargent Maloney said his voice becoming rather harsh.
The teens didn't say another word. --Immediate obediance. I wonder how 
long it would take to train my team to do that.--Wildwing thought. He
was thoroughly impressed. "Don't even think about it Wildwing." Mallory
said. "Too late." he answered. Wildwing turned back to Fox. "So I still
don't see what this pendant has to do with me." he said. "Nothing. You are
the chosen one. The pendant belongs to the spirits keeper." "Who's that?"
Wildwing was really confused. --You will know soon enough.--she responded.
Fox turned and left the building. 
	Wildwing quietly surveyed the room he was in. It was a small 
parlor room. Conservatively decorated. Mallory was off calling the rest of
the team at the pond. Wildwing sat in one of the chairs and reviewed what
he learned from Sargent Maloney. The Sargent had been assigned by the
president to train a hand-picked group of 18 teens. These teens all had
psychic powers. They could all do the same things with their powers. 
Personality wise these teens were just as diverse a group as the ducks.
First off was Pat and Michelle. Destined lovers no doubt. They were too
busy trying to hide the fact that they liked each other that they saw
nothing while everybody else saw everything. In others words, these two
were totally clueless to each other. Next was Stupidity and (what names?)
Dottie-in-the-eye. Dottie was your basic hyper ditz with an attitude. 
Stupidity was well, who needs to explain that. Then there was Jeff and 
Klara. Jeff and Klara were simply baseball finatics. Next was Gene and
Andrea. More baseball finatics. Also Tim and Sabrina. Still yet more
baseball finatics. These six in particular thought alien ducks were just
a little too weird for them. Next in line was Kareem and Sakari. The only
blacks in the group. Everybody loved these two. They were very friendly 
and both had quite a sense of humor. Obviously a perfect match. Then there
was Grunt and Destiny. Grunt was a pretty serious guy. He was even more 
serious about Destiny though. Destiny had worse mood swings than Mallory.
She could easily go from being hyper to depressed to hyper in three 
minutes. Of course naturally there was Jack and Rose. Jack and Rose were
in the same situation as Pat and Michelle. Only Michelle had more of an 
attitude. These two teams were also the best of friends. Last of all comes
Fox and Coke. Fox is pretty much a mystery to everyone. She is the oldest
of all of them. Doesn't talk much either. Coke was your typical klutz.
He was named Coke becuase of the incident where he ran into a coke machine
on accident. These teens were a very interesting group to watch. Very 
tightly woven team. Even closer than the ducks. Wildwing could tell that
they had been through some tough times together. It was actually kind of 
heartwarming. Mallory returned from making her phone call. "You ready?"
she asked. Wing got up from his chair. This small event had been very
informative but not quite enough. Wing didn't ask any more questions.
He and Mallory just walked to the duckcycles. Wildwing watched Rose close
the gate behind them. He knew some wild times were ahead of them and lots
of questions would be answered. Till then they would just have to wait.

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