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			To Seek a Dream

			Chapter Five
	Klegghorn sat in his office and sadly looked at the papers on his
desk. He could barely believe what had happened. Two murders. One was his
youngest sister, Mindy. The other was her husband. They had cuaght the 
guilty man. He was locked safely away in their toughest cell. The captain 
looked at the pictures of his family on his desk. There were three pictures. 
The first one was his wife. She had died four years ago. The second was his 
two sisters and their husbands. The third was the twins. His nephew and 
niece, Jima and Bert. Klegghorn picked up the picture of the twins. A wave 
of grief washed over him. All of his career had been spent helping people 
deal with death and loss. Now here he was dealing with it himself. Klegghorn 
thought back to that morning's events. He had been eating donuts in his 
office. One of the 911 operators raised the alarm. A man had just shot two 
people outside The Anahiem 1st National Bank. Klegghorn reached the bank and 
recognized the two bodies instantly. All he could do was stand there and 
stare. It was as if he had been shot through the heart. The instant pain was 
overwhelming. One of his leiutenants had apprehended the criminal. The worst 
part was telling his sister's children. Who could enjoy telling two 
teenagers that their parents were dead. Killed by a maniac. And he was a 
cop. Why couldn't he have been able to stop it. He had saved so many lives 
in the past. Why not two more? Why not these two? The look on Jima's face 
mirrored the pain in Klegghorn's heart. Bert was beter at hiding it. Yet in 
all of Klegghorn's years of service, he had learned how to see the pain in 
one's eyes. Bert was no exception. Klegghorn let his other sister Jennifer 
take care of everything. She was planning the funeral. The wills had been 
read. Custody of the twins was given to Jennifer. Jennifer always took care
of things when they were falling apart. As children whenever a toy was
broken, Jennifer fixed it. As teens whenever they went through heartbreak,
Jennifer fixed it. Kleggorn was the one that got into and out of trouble all
the time. he would be outta trouble for a minute then be right back at it.
He drove his sisters nuts. And here he was. Captain of the anaheim police
force. Who knew? Mindy was always the perfect child. So innocent. She had
perfect grades in school. Never got in fights. Never got in trouble. Happily
married. Two wonderful children. A great business. Her life was perfect.
Almost. If any of them suffered the most it would have been Mindy. She was
frail. One time sick another time a broken bone. She was also the one that
got depressed the most. Klegghorn had always been protective of his sisters.
But he was the most protective of Mindy. Oh how he had let her down. Her and
her children. 
	Jima looked around her room to find a place to put her bear. Moving
into aunt Jenny's was not her idea of cool. First uncle Klegghorn told them
that mom and dad were dead. Next uncle Josh was telling them to pack their
stuff. Bert peeked into Jima's room. "You didn't bring that ratty ole bear
did you?" he said. He watched disgustedly as his twin stood tippytoe to put
the teddy bear on a shelf the take it down again. "I got an idea." he said.
"Why don't you just place it right there?" Bert said. He took the bear and 
placed it on top of the pillows on Jima's bed. "Why didn't I think of that?"
Jima wondered aloud. "Cause I'm smarter than you." Bert teased. Jima just
shook her head. "You have such an ego, bro." she said with an exasperated 
sigh. Uncle Josh poked his head into the room. "Good, there you are. Time
to go." "Already?" Bert asked. He suddenly became serious. "Yup." Bert and
Jima followed their uncle down the stairs to the car where their aunt Jenny
was waiting for them. Bert looked at his sister. Their parents had been dead
for two days now. She was sitting calmly staring ahead at the road. How 
could she be so calm. Their mother had been killed by some man who had 
escaped from a violent ward. Oh, how he wanted to kill that man. To destroy
this man who had destroyed their lives. Yes, that's what he would do. For
his sister. To give her peace of mind. He would make sure that man would 
never kill another soul. Little did Bert know that Jima too was having these
same thoughts. That's the thing about twins. They think a lot alike. Some
times too much. 
	Chameleon watched the two ducks leave on their duckcycles. Then he
teleported to the Raptor. Draguanus sat in his chair. He had the look of 
a troubled tyrant with nothing to do. He tapped his claws slowly on the 
arm rest. He looked at his gloomy surroundings. His thoughts crawled at a
pace that seemed to go nowhere. He slashed his tail angrily. He hated not
being able to think clearly. When he got angry he wasn't aware of much.
He would be so engrossed in his thoughts. Seige sat behind him. There 
wasn't much for him to do. He was quite bored. All he had to do was sit 
there and bounce a ball. Seige had found a way to make a game of it. He'd
bounce the ball around Draggy's tail. Bounce, swish, bounce, swish. The
ball would bounce and the tail would swish. Those were the only two sounds
heard in that room for awhile. The scene would have been amusing. Only,
Draguanus was too angry and Seige was too bored. Chameleon broke the 
repetitive silence when he teleported in. "Master! I have news!" he said
hurriedly. Chameleon ran to bow at Draggy's feet but tripped over a wire
and was sent flying across the room. Draguanus rolled his eyes. He had 
liked the quiet. Why did he never get any peace. Chameleon got up this 
time made it safely across the room. "I have news, my lord." he said 
again. "What is it?" Draguanus growled. He wasn't very interested but he
might as well hear it. "The ducks have new allies. A set of telepaths."
"Telepaths?" Draguanus asked. Now he was interested. He had been working
on some brain control theories. To put that to work in a telepath would be
quite useful. He could use their powers to stop the ducks and take over 
the planet. But how. The only way he found to control the brain would be
to make them into robots. But he would need to keep thier biological 
make-up intact for their powers to work. Then he thought of it. It was 
perfect. "How many are there?" he asked. "Eighteen teenagers." chameleon
responded. He was glad Draguanus was so suddenly interested. It wasn't
often that he did something right. "Yes, that will work perfectly." Draggy
said. His eyes glowed with an evil eagerness that darkened the room.
	Jima and Bert stood through the funeral. At the end their
Aunt and Uncle talked to the other guests. Jima looked at Bert. "Bert, 
there's something I'm gonna do. I'm gonna kill that man who killed momma."
she said. "I was fixin' to say the same thing." Bert responded. "Then we'll
kill him together. We'll avenge our parents together." Jima said. "Yes, but
how?" Bert agreed and asked. "I can help with that." said an ancient and 
raspy voice. Wraith stepped out from behind the tree. Bert and Jima looked
at each other then took Wraith's outstretched hands. They were instantly
teleported away. Jima looked around at her new environment. This was going 
to be interesting. How often did someone get voluntarily kidnapped? Bert 
looked oposite him. There was an eight foot lizard sitting on a throne. He
was large. His eyes were cold, calculating. Like he was about to reveal some
plan. Like the villians do in a comic book. Bert knew that this was not a
hero. He could see plainly this was a villian. From his nostrils bellowed
forth a foul smoke that dimmed the lights. "Wraith, what have you brought me
this time?" the large lizard bellowed at the new companion. Jima shuddered
at the sound of his loud and mean voice. "I have brought two who seek help.
They wish to avenge the deaths of their parents, Lord Draguanus." Wraith 
said. Jima could not understand the strange look he gave his master. 
Draggy's immediately changed from cruel and vicious to kind and befriending.
"Ahh. Dear children. Fear not. I will help you, of course. There is 
some things you must undergo to prepare you for this." Draguanus picked up
his DNA accelerator. "This will give you the strength and abilities you 
need. We will also provide you with weapons." Draguanus aimed the large gun
at the twins and fired. When the bright light of the ray faded from the 
room. The twins looked at themselves in shock and surprise. They were 
suarians. "What have you done?" Bert asked. He was almost angry if he wasn't
so confused. "I have reshaped you into beings far more powerful than you can
imagine." Jima looked at Bert. He had changed greatly. He was larger in size
and he looked much stronger. His skin had faded away to brown scales. His
bright chocolate brown eyes shined from beneath the low protruding brow. She
herself had undergone a good change. She now had green scales. Her short 
brown hair was now long. She had also become slimmer and much stronger. Two
of the three henchman(seige and chameleon of course)perked up at the sight
of Jima. She turned into a rather pretty suarian. Wraith was very pleased.
This would help in their conquest greatly. These two would need more than
strength to stop the ducks. Wraith silently formlated a way to give them a
way to help more. Draguanus said. He smiled, rather leered at them in his 
strange way. Then he filled the in on how to get their revenge.
	Under the cover of black caped night, the twins ran along the top of
the jail. Draguanus had told them how to get in. They slipped past every 
alarm and guard undetected. They knocked the last guard unconscious. He 
never knew what hit him. Jima walked down the corridor to the cell they 
wanted. Bert opened the door with the guards keys. Jima walked in to the 
cell. The man was small. He was going bald and obviously was very proud of
what he had done. "Who are you?" he said. He jumped at the sight of these
former humans walking into his cell. He knew killing two people had it's 
price, but what was this. "This is for our parents." they said 
simultaneously. Together they raised their guns. Together they fired. 
Together they killed a man. Inside of Jima and Bert any remaining innocence
of their past lives, before the killings, before the pain, died there with
that man. The twins looked at each other. They never felt the little twinge 
of pain that comes from the heart. Thier hearts were now frozen with 
Suarian DNA. They returned to the Raptor to serve under Lord Draguanus. Now
Draggy had new allies to even up the score. Soon he would have eighteen 

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