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			To Seek A Dream

			Chapter Six
	Wildwing looked around himself. He was back in the enchanted forest.
This place seemed to be covered in eternal night. The silver moonlight cast
from the crescent moon hung above. Wing looked directly ahead. There sat
Foxspirit on a silver throne. At least it looked silver. --Come chosen one.
There is much for you to learn.-- she said. --If I must learn then teach 
me.-- he thought. Foxspirit smiled. He was finally understanding. Soon he 
would be ready. She stood and placed her hand on his forehead. Wildwing saw
all in his mind. 
	After the Suarian War, Drake Ducaine looked at his mask. He hoped
that the war was finally over. He looked over the horizon to see the 
Puckworld sunset shedding it's brilliant colors across the sky. Soon the sun 
was gone and the moon was up, and Drake was still outside staring at the 
sky. A blue portal opened. Out of it stepped a young woman. She smiled 
kindly at Drake Ducaine. She was dressed in a robe that seemed to hold the
brilliance of the universe. "It's time." she said. "Yes, you said that it is 
not over. All I hope is that my descendant shall destroy these suarians once 
and for all. Thus save the universe and place your heir in her rightful 
place. I have chosen. The scrolls are ready and so is the package." Drake 
said. He reached into his pouch and pulled out a package with a set of 
scrolls attached. The woman took them and hid them in the folds of her 
flowing robe. She nodded and disappeared into the night. Drake sighed and 
watched the stars twinkle. It was now in the hands of the queen. 
	Wildwing shifted as Foxspirit removed her hand. --I do not 
understand.-- he said. --Look on the horizon. There stands the eighteen that
you know as the psysquad. These were chosen and assembled to rule the 
universe and keep it in balance. Draguanus now stands in the way of that.
He wants them. He will destroy them. If they come under his power then the
universe itself will fall apart.-- she said. Wildwing looked to the horizon.
There he saw the begining of the sunrise. The begining of another day. The
psysquad stood there. Not as humans but as cyborgs. Draguanus stood ahead
of them as their leader. Between him and the squad stood Draguanus' henchmen
and two new suarians. Who were these new suarians? Behind them all Wildwing
could see the very fabric of the universe being ripped apart and destroyed. 
Destroyed like his home had been. --I will stop them! Foxspirit, what must I
do?-- he said. --Silver Knight, you must see that Rose ascends to her throne
and that the pendant is given to her. The pendant will give her the wisdom
to rule as she should.-- Wildwing nodded. He now understood his mission.
	Wildwing awoke. He knew what had to happen. He hurriedly got dressed
and called the ducks to meeting. The ducks slowly filed into the ready room.
They did not like being called out of bed at five in the morning. Wildwing
explained everything the best he could to his teamates till the finally
understood. "So let me get this straight," Nosedive said, "You're saying 
that the whole universe is controlled by this spiritual council and that the
psysquad is the future council. And Draguanus wants to get his claws on them
but if he does the whole universe will be destroyed?" All the ducks looked
to their leader to see what he would say. "Exactly!" he said. They finally
understood. Wildwing was relieved, almost. He still had his mission ahead of
him. "Well, geez! Why didn't this Foxspirit just come right out and tell us
that in the first place?" nosedive complained. "You wouldn't have believed
me." said a voice. Every one turned to see Fox walk into the room. "You're
Foxspirit?" Duke said. "Yes, I am." she answered. "Well, nice of you to join
us." Wildwing greeted. "I came to attend to one last matter. You will need
help with this. So I brought a friend to help you." Foxspirit gestured to
the doorway. Wildwing looked to see his best friend Canard stride in the 
doorway. The team went wild with excitement to see their old leader back.
"Surprise!" Canard said as if he had planned the whole thing. Wildwing was
astonished. Finally he broke loose from his surprise and ran to greet his
friend. "This is great! You're back. Now we can kick Draggy's tail. I mean
we've been trying to do that, but it hasn't worked. Now with you here we
can do that!" he babbled. Nosedive was surprised. It wasn't often that Wing
went nuts and started babbling senselessly. "Wing, slow down. We have to 
take care of the psysquad first." Canard said. He returned Wildwing's hug
warmly. Mallory looked around. Where did Foxspirit go? She obviously didn't
want to hang around. Before Mallory could say anything about it, Drake One's
alarm sounded. "There's teleporter energy downtown." Tanya said. "Only it 
looks like five people instead of three." Tanya look worriedly at their 
team leader. "To the Migrator." Wildwing shouted. 
	The Migrator sped through the streets. Finally they reached their
destination. Mallory scanned over the situation. "Why, they're just cuasing
a senseless mess. They did this to lure us out here." she said. "Well, it 
worked." Wildwing said. He jumped out of the migrator and started firing at
the lizards. All the other ducks followed suit. Wildwing puased firing. 
--There are three henchmen here. Didn't Tanya say there supposed to be 
five?-- Wildwing thought. That question was soon answered. Someone jumped
Wing from behind. Wing tossed them ove his shoulder into the wall. She was
a female suarian! "Jima!" Wildwing looked over his shoulder to see another
suarian run towards the female. "Sister." he said. He momentarily knelt next
to the girl. Then he jumped up and barreled towards Wildwing. Canard pounced
on him. Wildwing looked and saw the Psysquad arrive. Wraith also saw them.
"Twins! They're here!" he shouted. The two new suarians looked up then
dissappeared into the shadows. Chameleon dodged Mallory's puck and sped into
an abandoned building. Once inside, he took cover and fired out the window 
at the psysquad. Mallory saw his fellow henchmen do the same. About at that
time Klegghorn arrived with police back up. They scattered and hid. Mal 
noticed that it looked like one of Wildwing's battle drills. Her and the 
other ducks fell into position. All started firing for a heated firefight.
The psysquad did not fall into position. Duke looked at Rose. Her and the
other members were acting strangely. Like they were tired. Mallory saw 
Michelle stumble back when one of the suarian blasts hit the ground right
next to her. Mallory saw Wraith on top of a building chanting something.
Then she realized he was casting one of his spells. Mallory didn't
have time to react. The female suarian jumped in her way and delivered a
deft kick to her stomach. Mallory stumbled back. The twins had reappeared.
Klegghorn was shocked. He immediately recognized them. He stopped firing
and pulled into an alley. Mallory tried to call to him. Then she felt some
thing hit her in the side. Mal fell to the ground and  She looked up to see 
the Jima reach back. Mallory felt this saurian's fist impact with her face. 
All of Mallory's consciousness blacked out. One by one Jima and Bert took 
out all of the ducks except Wildwing and Canard. Canard looked to see all 
of the psysquad had fallen. Only Jack was left standing. Jack looked around.
He couldn't believe that five suarians had taken out five ducks and most of
the psysquad. --Where's Fox? She was with us earlier.--he thought. Jack
dodged behind a dumpster. The cops were shouting and started running into 
the street. The firing had ceased. He looked and saw the twins dissappear 
into the shadows again. Canard and Wing looked puzzled. Jack looked back 
towards his teamates. They were gone! While he had looked away, Draguanus' 
henchmen had kidnapped them. "No!" he shouted running out into  the street. 
Wildwing and Canard looked at each other, then at Jack. "Jack, help us get 
our teamates into the Migrator. We need to get them to the infirmary." 
Wildwing said. Jack looked down the street where the ducks were. "That's 
strange why would they take my teamates and not yours?" Jack asked. He bent 
down and picked up Mallory. He didn't understand. Klegghorn stepped out of 
alley pulled Wildwing to the side. "This isn't something anyone wants to
hear, but, I have bad news." Wildwing looked at Klegghorn. This was not a
good sign. "The two new suarians, they weren't originally suarian. They were
human. As a matter of fact they were my twin nephew and niece." he said.
Wing couldn't believe his ears. They had been fighting Klegghorn's 
relatives! "I wish I could say there was still hope to bring them back. The
hatred I saw in their eyes scared me. I knew it was them. Only they could
fight like that. They're dangerous, Wildwing. I always knew they were a 
little tippy. All they needed was one reason to cross over to the other 
side, and they got it. They must have been the ones who came in and killed 
the man who killed their parents." Klegghorn said. He knew in his heart that
nothing he could do would have kept them from becoming what they were. It
could only be delayed. The time of reckoning for the Klegghorn family had
come. "I'll do what I can to bring them back." Wildwing said. Klegghorn
looked at Wildwing. "No, don't bring them back. It will only cuase more
problems. The best you can do for them is to let them die with their 
master." Wildwing heard disgust in Klegghorn's words. "Wildwing, I know that
your mission here is to kill Draguanus and his henchmen. I hand my nephew
and niece over to you." Klegghorn then turned and walked away, slowly. Duke
came and stood beside Wildwing. "That could not have been easy for him." was
all he said. Wildwing simply nodded his agreement and walked to the 
Migrator. Draguanus had now imposed another burden on his shoulders.

Chapter 7
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