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			To Seek A Dream

			Chapter Seven
	Jack leaned against the wall in the infirmary. He watched silently
as Wildwing and Canard attended to their friends, who were all awake by now.
He wanted so much to scream out. He wanted to run and tear this Draguanus
apart. He didn't. He needed these Ducks help to save his team. Canard had
filled him in on what Wildwing had found out. Canard looked at Jack. He 
could see that their new friend was getting impatient. "Tanya, I know your
head hurts right now, but I've got a question." he said. Tanya nodded 
slowly. She was sitting on the side of one of the infirmary beds. "How long
do you think it will take for Draggy to turn all of them into cyborgs?" he
asked. Tanya thought for a minute. "A few hours." Tanya said, "It shouldn't
take very long with the technology Draguanus has." Canard looked at 
Wildwing. Wing nodded then looked at ech of his teamates. They all seemed to 
be in fighting shape. "Jack, do you have a way of tracking your friends?"
Wildwing asked. All of the ducks turned and looked at Jack. "Yes, I do. 
Almost. My partner, Rose, and I share trackers. It's regulation." he said.
Wildwing acknowledged this then turned to his team. "Let's go." he said.
Every one turned to leave for the Migrator then stopped. Fox was standing in
the doorway. "So, Ms. Mystery returns." Jack said bitterly. "Yes, I have. We
must hurry if we are to succeed." she said. Fox paid no attention to the
bitterness in Jack's voice. He didn't like deserters. She had never deserted
them. She had waited for her time. 
	Jima looked around the lab. It was a mess. They had sixteen psysquad
member's lying on lab tables. Each one unconscious. Unfortunately two had 
escaped. Wraith, Seige, and Bert were all bent over different teens prepping
their 'patients' for transformation. She looked over to chameleon who sat in
the corner assembling parts to be installed into the human's brains. She 
walked over and sat next to Chameleon and began assembling parts as well.
She looked up at her twin. Bert returned her look. They both hated dirty
work but they had to do it. Bert puased to look over the humans. His eyes
scanned over each one. He identified them in his mind and remembered the 
battle. There was Gene, Andrea, Stupidity, Dotti-in-the-eye, Tim, Sabrina, 
Grunt, and Destiny. These were the first to be hit in the battle. Then there 
was Jeff, Klara, Kareem, Coke, and Sakari. These were the next to fall. 
Although they didn't go down without a fight. The last ones to be shot was
Pat, Rose and Michelle. Chameleon was the one who had shot these three. He
was rather proud of himself for bringing down the last three. Bert smirked
and went back to prepping the humans. None of the suarians detected the eyes
watching them from a hidden spot near the door. Jack sat very still and 
watched their evey move. Jack looked back at Wildwing and Canard. They were
consulting a strategy with Fox. She seemed to have an idea. Wildwing nodded
to Fox and Canard. Jack watched as Wing pulled the pendant off his neck.
Wing clenched it in his hand and signalled for the other ducks to gather 
around. Jack scooted closer to hear the plan. "Ok, according to Fox, all we
have to do is make sure this pendant gets to Rose. You guys distract them
while I try to get to Rose." Wildwing whispered. Everyone nodded then moved
into position. Jack watched as the other ducks moved to other hiding places
surrounding the room. Wing waited till everybody was in place the fired a 
puck into the suarians. Screams and an explosions erupted in the air as the
other ducks jumped out of their hiding places and fired at the suarians. 
They made their way shooting and dodging till they forced the suarians away
from the unconscious team members. Jack jumped out his hiding place and 
joined the ducks in the battle. The suarians had recovered and were firing 
back. Wildwing made his way across the room to Rose's side. Jima saw Wing
as he ran towards Rose. She took careful aim and fired. Her blast hit Wing
right below his body armor. Wildwing fell to the floor and grasped his side.
He felt Canard take the pendant from him and make a mad dash for Rose. 
Canard dodged the suarian blasts as he finally reached Rose's side. He 
gently lifted her head and placed the pendant around her neck. Canard then
laid her head back on table. Strangely a glow filled the room. The firing
stopped as they saw each of the Psysquad members were glowing. "Uhh.. Seige
were they supposed to glow when we were done?" Chameleon asked uncertainly.
"I dunnow." Seige replied. "You fools, we didn't even start the process!"
Wraith bellowed. Mallory looked and saw that Jack had fainted away and he 
too was glowing. Fox then emerged from her hiding place. She raised her hand
and there was a brilliant flash of light that blinded the room. When the 
light faded away, Fox had been transformed. She was no longer a human but a
duck! And her yellow uniform had changed to flowing robes that held the
splendorous colors of the universe. Her red hair flowed down her back in a 
ghostly manner. Wildwing recognized her as the one who took the scrolls from
Drake Ducaine in his dream. Wing turned to see The psysquad each up and 
well. They had formed a circle. Wing then heard shouts. It was the suarians.
They were floating. Rose turned to the flying suarians and held out her hand
to them. They floated forward. Michelle joined Rose and with a motion of her
hand each of the suarian's were flying in a circle near the ceiling. 
Michelle looked at her uniform where chameleon had shot her earlier. There
was a dirty stain from the blast. Anger flashed into her eyes she pointed
at Chameleon and a ball of fire appeared. It looked like Wraith's fireball's
only much more like a ghost. It rocketed towards Chameleon and lit him on 
fire. He fell from his place in the flying circle and hit the floor. He 
stood and ran. Michelle smiled as the body of flames ran from the room. Rose
looked scoldingly at her friend. "He shouldn't have shot me!" Michelle said
to defend herself. Rose looked over her friends. They all smiled. They were
safe for now. They also knew of what was to come. 
	Back at the Pond Fox and Sargent Maloney sat in the rec room with 
the psysquad and the ducks. Everyone had seen Fox turn into a duck, but they
had had no idea that Sargent Maloney was one too. "OK, I thought I had this 
straight, but I'm gonna try agian!" Nosedive said. "They are the future 
spirit council to rule the universe. And you are part of the current 
council. You came to gather and train them. But what I want to know is if 
the current coucil is a bunch of ducks why do ya'll want humans?" The two
new ducks looked at each other and sighed. Maloney leaned forward and tried
to explain. "Every millienium, the current coucil steps down and allows the
new one to take place. Every time we replace the council we choose one from
a different race than the last. Last time it was Puckworld's turn. This time
it is Earth's turn." "Oh, ok." Nosedive said. He nodded his approval of the
simple system. It had worked thus far no need to interfere. Nosedive then
silently noted their appearance. Maloney was tall with black feathers. Fox
also had black feathers. Apparently, the duck council all had black 
feathers, which of course meant they were mystics. Maloney also had bright,
keen blue eyes. They seemed to see everything. Fox was slightly taller than
Rose. She had the long red hair and brilliant green eyes. They both wore the
council robes. The one of glowing colors. It was a monklike robe. Fox's robe
seemed to be fitted to her figure though. The belts were silver ropes with
crescent moon charms on the ends. Wildwing and Canard looked at each other.
Wildwing took off the Mask. "I do believe this is yours." he said. Canard
put his hands up in refusal. "No, he must not accept the mask." Maloney 
said. "He has been brought back for the purpose of the Psysquad. Every time
we replace the council we leave a guardian of the last race to keep the
realm of the council free from tyranny. He was also chosen by Ducaine. But
for this purpose as guardian."  "It is time for us to go." Fox said. She
and Maloney stood up. Maloney turned to the psysquad. "You start the real
training tommorow. I suggest you go back to the compound and get some 
sleep." he instructed. He then turned to Fox and nodded. Fox and Maloney
bowed to the ducks and dissapeared into thin air. 
	Rose slowly climbed into her bed. She tried to relax every muscle in 
her body. Her thoughts wandered over the past events. --The universe, huh?
Looks like i got my work cut out for me. I'm just a twenty year old with
psychic powers. No chance of an ordinary life. Nope, I gotta rule the
universe. Well, at least I'll have my friends to help.-- Rose rolled over to
face the wall and fell into sleep. One by one each of the seventeen members
fell asleep. Each one with worries and hope for the future. For now, though,
they finally had sleep.

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