Hey! Stop right there! Do you know what you're getting into? Okay, okay... You know what you're doing. Just one thing... This is a fan page! Which denotes a few points. 1. I'm not making a cent off of this. The Mighty Ducks are NOT my creation. Copyrights belong to their legal owners. (so sue me, no... please... don't! I ain't worth it!) 2. It's mostly made of fan material!! That's the beauty. Fans coming together and expressing their common love and interest for someone or something. In this case it's a Disney cartoon called "Mighty Ducks: The Animated Series". But seriously, I have never discovered a group of people who I've enjoyed working with more than these nutz right here! The mailing list and webring is a good place to keep up with other MDTAS fans. (You guys are the best!!) 3. But other than all the legalese and sappy mush it's just a plain crazy place to be!! Hey! What am I saying? Crazy? Duh! *g* Go on in and ignore me, kay?

The Compound