Kit DeCaine's Origin
           The short human girl named Kit watched as one of her best friends and older adopted brother, Rayan, yawn, almost asleep.  "Okay Constalars, go to your wagons.  Tomorrow we've got a meeting in the morning, at 7:00."  Several groans meet this announcement.  "So move it people!"
  Rayan, Keith and Jared (Her other two best friends) stood up and walked with Kit to the wagons that the campers stayed in.  "I can't believe this!  Brian says go to camp to relax your nerves, but what happens, WE'VE GOT TO GET UP AT 7:00!" he complained.
   "Oh chill, its not that bad."  Keith said disgustedly. 
   Kit rolled her eyes.   "It's that bad when ya got a wagon full of girls who want ta talk all night."
   "Och." Jared said sympathetically.  "Well, here you are, hope you get some sleep tonight."
    "Hum, night guys see ya in da mornin'!"
    "Yeah, you too.  Hopefully.  Night little sibling!"
    "Say that again 'n ya'll wake up ta find yarself duct taped ta yar bed and frozen marbles dumped in!" Kit joked; everyone laughing at Rayan's horrified look. 
  The big muscular griffin bowed before the throne.  "M'Lady, The search for allies has been successful.  The Smarin who calls himself Dragonvas wishes to give you the Rowan Emerald in return for a favor." He said in a Boston accent.
   The slender duck on the throne straightened.  
   "Oh really, send him in."
 The griffin bowed again.  "At once M'lady."  He backed out the huge doors and shut them.
A moment latter a huge red Saurian walked arrogantly through the doors. 
  "Lord Draongas, I believe."
  He looked at her then said, "Lady Nastinya, Is it not."
  "Yes, I hear" she said playing with a goblet,"That in order for a favor, you will give me the Rowan Emerald, the ultimate sign of magic power." She touched her own head, where an Amyest on a purple band rested.
  He looked at her then spoke, "Yes, in return for a Favor you must do for me, because I believe you are at the time the greatest scorceress in existence, besides Wraith."
  The duck snorted. "Wraith? A wizard? Hah! Don't try to make me laugh!  How many times have his precious plans actually worked?  He's been defeated everytime!"
  Draongas looked at her. "I believe you were defeated by a mere child."
  Nastinya glared at him. "She was NOT a mere child!  She was the daughter of Icefire 'n Drake, that Child would have been the greatest Talent in all of history.  Maybe even The POWER. But, " She said with a sly smile on her face, "Too bad she never lived."
  "That's not the way I heard it.  I heard you put a memory charm on her and sent her to a unknown plant, and through a time lock."
  "Dead, gone, what's the difference?  She's out of the way.  But back to other matters, what's this 'Favor' you want me to do?"
  He sighed, then said," As you know, I've be attempting the take over of Earth, but every time those BLASTED MIGHTY DUCKS get in my way!" He roared.  Nastinya looked unimpressed. "Oh, really, so let me read in between the lines, you want me to get rid of them in return for the Rowan Emerald, no?"
  Draongas nodded.  "Yes, but I want them alive."
  "What for, revenge?" she said sarcasilly.
  "In a way, yes, just as you want the Rowan E. for revenge."
  Nastinya growled." I've gotten Icefire and the child out, now only Juniper and the Elders stand in my way."
 "Every well then, we've reached a agreement."
  "Yes, I will get them, unlike your stupid henchmen."  He turned to leave, "Oh, and Draongas, no double-crossing!"
  "I wouldn't think about it," He said with a sly smile, thinking, 
 "Come on, what's to lose by doing it." Phil coaxed.
  "No. N-O, NO." Wildwing said firmly.
  "Come on!  You do, It'll be a great publisy stunt!  And I, I mean WE won't get the money!" He whined.
Nosedive groaned.  "Oh no, please PLEASE don't say yes!"
"How'd he do this!" Nosedive squealed as the Migrator sped out into the country.  "Oh, well, At least I brought my comics." He sighed.  The other ducks didn't look too happy about the whole thing, but oh well.
    About three hours from their designation, Tanya discovered something.  "Mum, Did we bring a can of gas?"
  Duke looked over at her.  "Nooo, why?"
   Tanya pointed to the gas gage. It read empty. "That's why."
   "Oh man, out in the middle of nowhere 'n we run out of gas! What else could possibly go…." As a hand was clamped over his beak.  "Don't say that, you'll jinx us!" Mallory hissed.
"Hey, maybe we're not in the middle of nowhere, look." Duke pointed to a sign that said, "Camp Shsiha".
   "Hey, we're actually getting lucky for once!" Nosedive yelled.
  "Okay, lets hike up there 'n see if they've got any gas." Wildwing decided as they all headed up the road.
   A Figure with long purple hair and pink feathers smiled evilly.  "Phase one complete."
Rayan looked worriedly at the food.  "Jenny-fer cooked this? Heh." He gave a weak laugh. Kit shrugged then said, "At least this time she didn't blow up the kitchen."
   Jared turned green. "I think I'm goin' ta be sick."
   "The woods are that way." Keith said pointing. Jared ran off, hands over his mouth.
   "Hummm, guess he couldn't stomach the thought of Jen's cookin'." 
  "Heh, neither can anybody else." Rayan glanced around. "Tinker Bell."
"Excuse me, I warned ya 'bout sayin' things like that, 'n I'm NOT SHORT!"
"Yes you are………….. Shortstuff."
  Kit grabbed that macaroni salad 'n dumped it over his head, "DIIIIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!" she yelled crazily at him.
    "Hey!"  Rayan grabbed the custard and threw it at Kit, Kit ducked 'n it hit Keith right in the face.  Keith looked at Rayan, then threw what ever was closes to him, which was the salad.  Rayan also ducked 'n the salad got one of the campers, "FOODFIGHT!" Rayan yelled, as suddenly food was flyin' fast 'n thick.
   Kit tackled Rayan, sat on his chest 'n was about to dump a pot of clam chowder over his head when the door flew open. Everyone stopped 'n stared.  The seven persons who'd just come through the door looked at the mess.  The head Counselor didn't look too happy.  She glared at them.  "Mr. Hepburn, Mr. Enchier 'n Miss Hepburn again I presume."
  "Busted." Keith said.  Kit glanced down at Rayan. "Well while we're in deep trouble, I mind as well do this," and she dumped the pot over Rayan.
    "Hey, you guys had a food fight with out me?!"  Kit smiled.  "Sorry Jar, but I couldn't let Rye get away with a certain remark."
  Jared walked over 'n lifted the pot off Rayan's head.  "Boy, ya'd think that by this time ya'd of learned not to call Kit 'Tinker Bell or shortstuff.  Considerin' how deadly it is to yar health."
  Rayan stood up.  "Humm, " turning to everyone he said, "I'm sorry you'd all have to see this but…" He whipped around and threw a custard pie right at Kit. She dove for the ground and it hit Shannon, a very prissy girl. "Ahhhhhhhhhh, food!" she screamed and ran out.
   "Aliloha for reflexes." Kit said as she got up.   
  Rayan pouted. "You've got to stop moving every time, you're making yourself too hard of a target!"
 Kit grinned mischevilstly.  "Ya never did have much of a aim."
  "Oh yeah, I think you're the one who hit the teacher with the green glop instead of the princable last year sis!" He reported.
  "Ha, ya missed the princable with the water balloons by a mile,. ……… What are ya doin' Jar?" 
   Jared smiled from behind the video camera.  "This is hysterical, you two fighting about who's got the best aim while covered with food."
  "It also makes great blackmail martial." Keith added.  Rayan 'n Kit looked at each other, then together threw the huge pot of noodles over them, Kit grabbed the camera.  "Oh, I agree totally, 'ow about ya, bro?"
  "Oh, definitely."
  "Hachum."  They all turned around to the head Consular.
  "You all need to go get cleaned up." 
  Kit looked at Rayan, "Hey, we got off with no punishment."
  "Then you can clean every thing up."
  Rayan looked back at her. "You were saying?" as they all filed out.
  The head counselor turned back to them.  "I'm sorry for their misbehavior."
  "No problem, they remind me of a certain little brother." Wildwing glanced at Nosedive, who was trying to look innocent.
  "Oh, well I'm sure we can find some gas, just stay here and I'll be right back." She walked out of the room.
   Nosedive looked around.  "Shess, why didn't you let me join in, that looked like fun!"
  "Nosedive," Wildwing said warinly.
   Duke was also looking around.  "I don't know, that short brunette was cute."
  "The one that was tryin' to cream the guy on the floor?" Nosedive asked.
  Duke nodded.  "Oh, boy, here we go again." Mallory muttered under her breath.
   The head consular walked out the side door then changed back to her original form, not seeing the girl that came around the side.  Kit gasped then ducked back around the side of the building, listening.
  "Draongas, I've almost got them, so be ready.  The trap has been sprung.  They're in the transporter now, I'll send them right away, but I want garentes on The Rowan Emerald."
   "Of course, I'll have it soon."  At the sound of the voice Kit went cold.  From some time, some place she'd heard that voice, as the memories came slowly back………
  She was standing in a snow covered field, watching a woman she thought she knew battling a Saurian, Saurian, how did she know that word?
   Suddenly there was a flash and a woman with long purple hair and pink highlights was standing next to the lady with long black hair.  The woman with black hair turned and was enveloped in a large purple orb, which Kit could feel was evil, pure evil.  The purpled haired woman laughed and said, "Now you will pay, Icefire, for every thing you did."  Icefire. Her name, Icefire, Icefire, Icefire, "Icefire" Kit whispered softly.
  The duck with the purple hair was ending her communication.  Kit realized suddenly
  Kit turned and raced for the door of the room, praying that she'd make it in time.  Just as she flung open the door and yelled, "It's a trap….." the whole world spun crazily.
   Wildwing sat up, the world spinning around.  He glanced around at the others.  They were all okay, just waking up.  He quickly counted heads, one, two, three, four, five, six?  Not counting himself. He quickly counted again, then realized that there was an extra person with them.  And it was the human girl who been in the foodfight. 
    The last thing he remembered was the door flung open and a girl, the same girl, had yelled something.  The others were just waking up from whatever it was that brought them here.
   Kit sat up, her head swimming.   she realized.  She looked around, getting an idea of her surroundings.  It appeared that they were in a maze of some sort, with walls 'n everything.
   "Are you okay miss?" A voice asked.  Kit turned around and saw that it was the white duck with the funny mask thing.  Kit thought.   "Um, yes, no problem.  Ah, thanks for askin'. 'N sorry 'bout not getting' there in time."
  He shook his head. "Its completely okay.  You did what you could. I don't saposse you know who did this though?"
   "Um, actually, I do.  It was a female duck with purple hair and pink feathers who was called…. Nastinya."  Kit wondered.
   "Nastinya?" He tilted his head. "I don't think I've heard of her.  By the way, I'm Wildwing McDrake."
  Kit offered her hand.  "I'm Kit Icefire, well, Hepburn now, I know that's an unusual name," Kit said, seeing the look on his face.
   "Actually, where I come from, its normal. But here," He paused.
  "Hey bro, who's the babe?!"
  Kit's green eyes flared, "Babe! Call me that again 'n ya won't live ta regret it!"
   Nosedive backed off, shocked, "Whoa, sorry."
  Kit glanced around; the others were up 'n around Wildwing now.
  "Nosedive, in answer to you question, this is Kit Icefire Hepburn." Wildwing introduced. "This is my little brother,"
  "Nosedive." He interrupted.
 "Nice ta meet ya."  Kit said, unsure.
  "I'm Mallory McMallard." The redhead said. Kit shook her hand.
  "My name is Tanya Vanderflock." The blond who looked like her hair had been stuck in an electrical socket said.
"Nice ta meet ya too." Kit answered, liking her imedidently. 
The huge one bowed. "I am called Grin." He said in a calm voice. Kit nodded, feeling just a tad meek in his presence.
  The last one made a sweeping bow and kissed her hand. "I am your humble servant."
 Kit's jaw dropped. "Um, oookay."
  "The guy who just made a fool out of himself is……" Nosedive started.
   "Duke L'Orange." He interrupted.
  "Um, nice ta meet ya too, I think." Kit muttered, then glanced over at Mallory and saw that she was rolling her eyes.  Right then 'n there Kit decided that she like Mal.
   "I hate to break up this touching little scene, but then, that's what I do." All heads turned toward the voice, Kit saw that it was the one she'd seen talking on the com.  
   "My name is Lady Nastinya and I brought you all here for a reason, except you, you annoying little pipsquike." She said looking at Kit.  
   Kit shot back, "'N here I was goin' ta say the same 'bout ya!  I must get the name of your hairstulylist, that way I'll be sure ta aboivd 'im!  'N NO references ta da HEIGHT!"
  "Whoa, all right Kitty!" Nosedive gave her a high five.
  Nastinya looked annoyed. "Why you inconstaerit little disrespectful child!"
  "Oh yeah?  You're the person who inconstaerit, who is totally pathetic 'n has no idea how ta put on makeup 'n is tryin' ta be a pathetic excuse for a villainess!" Kit shot back just as fast.
  "A pathetic excuse for a Villainess! Listen little girl, I've done more things that you've got in your worst nightmare!"
  "You take people shoppin'? I seriously doute it!"  Nastinya 'n Kit had a great argument goin' when Wildwing cut into it.
  "Okay, Nastinya, what did you bring us here for?"
  She smiled evilly. "Isn't it obvious?  I was paid to deliver you to some one, but first we'll play a little game."
   The way she said it put shivers down Kit's neck.  "And now let the games begin." Nastinya disappeared in a cloud of smoke; "Your mission is to make it through the maze, in ten mins, starting, now!"
    They all looked at ecother. "Um, Does the mask tell which way?" Mal asked.
  He shook his head, "No."
  "Then lets start out, everyone try a different way."
  "That would take too long.  We've only got ten mins.
  "Well, we always could get onto the top 'n walk across the top of the walls of the maze." They all looked at Kit.  "Ya know, that's the best idea yet." Duke said.
  "Okay everyone up on the walls, now."
  They all pulled themselves up the walls and carefully walked to the end of the maze.
    Nastinya's face was covered by ferousness.  "I CAN'T BELIVE THAT. THAT.. THAT CHILD CAME UP WITH THE ONLY WAY OUT!" She roared.
  The griffin, Stormcrier, flinched. "M'Lady, there are still four more tests that they must go through.  The child can't come up with a way to solve all of them.  She is only a child and got lucky that time." Stormcrier soothed her.
  "Yes, she can't solve all of them." She reassured herself.  "Very well, on to the next test."
  Kit was now full of energy, actually it and an adrenaline surge.  A couple of them had to rest, but Kit was full of energy 'n just getting' started.  
   Duke studied her, puzzled now.  At first he'd thought she was kid who was cute, but now it was obvious that she had brains and was in perfect shape.  She had long wavy black hair that was parted far to the left and swept about half way over her right eye, a dark complexion, and almond shaped green eyes with long dark lashes.
  Her emerald eyes were one of her most startling features.  They were large and the color of an emerald and had a kind of glow to them.    She was short, but what'd a figure!  Very trim, but she only came up the about the middle of his chest.  Definitely striking, beautiful did not describe her; she had a feature to her that made her past that.
  Suddenly he found that she was looking at him, a look of total puzzlement on her face.    Kit followed the others, then decided,   With that Kit charged into the droids, followed by Mal.
   Kit swung her backpack at one of the droids, sending it flying into another, putting them both out of commission. But inspite of everything, there was just too many droids for seven people to handle.  Kit thought, slapping her hand to her head in anger at herself.  Swiftly she unzipped her backpack, Nosedive covering her back as Kit grabbed a huge firecracker out of the backpack.  "Always knew dis would come in handy someday!"  She said in answer to his puzzled look.
  "You carry firecrackers around in your backpack?!" Nosedive said in disbelief.  
  Kit nodded.  "What'd do ya think they call me Icefire for?  'N when ya got a nutcase billionaire for a best friend and guardian, ya learn ta be prepared for ANYTHING!" She looked up, then lighted the Roman Candle, aimed it, and let it lose just as it went flying, heading straight for a group of droids. And it hit them hard!  "Whoa, got any more of those?"  Mallory asked.
  "Yep!"  Kit answered, handing them to her 'n Nosedive.   "Oh, no!"  Nosedive groaned, "Mal's got MORE things to kill us all with!"      In short time the dorids were taken care of, and Nastinya wasn't too happy.
  "But they couldn't of!"  The griffin said flinching under her fierce glare.
   "But they did!"  Nastinya hissed at him, ready to kill him.  "You know what I do to people who fail me, don't you?"  She hissed quietly at him.  
   Stormcrier looked worried at this threat.  "I promise you M'Lady, I will not fail this time."  He promised.  "But.." he said pausing, "I thought Draongas wanted them alive?"
  "Listen, I know he can't get the Rowan Emerald for me!  And I don't intend to be foiled in my plans, after all," she said looking down at him, "What do mere griffins know of matters like this?"
   "Much more than you think." Stormcrier said under his breath as Nastinya walked out of the room.

"So are things usually dis hetric?"  Kit asked Nosedive.
  "Yeah, but only when our manager gets one of his crazy ideas!"  Kit snorted, "Sounds like my best bud 'n big bro Rayan, he's always tryin' ta do something crazy.  The bad thing is" Kit sighed, "He usually does get away with them."
  "Is Rayan the guy you were trying ta cream?" 
  "Yep.  We fight enough ta be brother and sister, Keith and Jar say.  My dad use ta say that sometimes he thought we were brother and sister."  Nosedive noticed that she sounded sad as she said this.
    "Use ta?"
  "Yeah, he 'n my godfather were killed in a plane crash two, almost three years ago."
  "Oh."  Nosedive felt bad for bringing up the subject. "I'm sorry."
  "Sorry for what?  Him bein' gone?  Don't, he 'n Andy are in a better place 'n dad's with mom, so," 
  "Don't you have ANY livin' relatives?!"
  "No.  Not that I know of. Ones that aren't adopted.  I can't even remember havin' a family all together.  Mom was killed when I was five, and I don't even remember her.  I was 15 when dad died, so I wasn't old enough ta take care of myself, acorrdin' ta da court.  So Mr. Hepburn adopted me.  A year later he died from a heart attack.  So Brian 'n Rayan became my legal guardians.  And I've got a sis- in- law, Juno, Brian 'n her got married a month ago."
  "Man, that's tough.  But at least ya got some family."
  "Ya don't know the half of it. But they're not my REAL family."  Kit looked down casted, then perked up.  "Sorry about getting' so serious on ya, didn't mean ta give my troubles ta ya."
  "Naww, its okay.  'N I guess I can understand.  My big bro is the only family I got left."
  "Sorry 'bout that Dive, can I call ya Dive?"  Kit asked.
  "Only if I can call ya Kitty."
  Kit reached out her hand, "Deal,… Dive."
  "Same here, Kitty."  They both bursted into snickers at the sound of how serious they said it.  Wildwing glanced back at them, "Are you two coming?"
  "Yepper!"  Kit said, really hyper after the snickering.  Kindda funny, but Dive was her favorite out of them,  He really reminded her of Rayan, with the nature 'n everything.    She like the blonde Tanya, 'n the redhead Mal, and in a funny way Wildwing made her think of her dad.   Dive was cool, The big one, Grin, she wasn't too sure of, but he was really calm and cool in a funny kind of way and the last one, Duke, well, she wasn't sure what she thought about him.
   She glanced up, her hair pricklin' at the back of her neck, telling her some one was watching her.  Kit looked up, to find that Duke was watching her.  Kit glared at him, getting' the point across she DIN'T want ta be looked at.  Kit sped up 'n walked besides Mallory and Wildwing.
   Mallory studied this human girl.  She judged her to be about 16 or 15, in that area, after all, the kid looked young.  She was short, about 5'2, but had a very perky personality.  And Mal liked the way the girl had charged into battle and kept her head.  The girl was pretty.  Her black hair was wavy and parted far to the left, leaving the hair to curl over her right eye.       But the thing Mallory liked the most about her was the way Kit was.  She didn't flirt or anything.  She was comfterble around guys, but didn't try to wrap them around her finger, even thought Mallory was pretty sure that Duke was stricken by Kit.   >  Mallory thought, smiling to her self.
  Kit glanced up at Wildwing, "Ya know, ya kindda remind me of my dad."
  He looked at Kit.  "I do?"
  Kit nodded.  "Yeah, dad was a very take charge person, even if he didn't want ta be.  And he was responsible, taking care of others."
   "Who was your dad?"  Wildwing asked her.
   "David Icefire, goalie 'n captain of the Sacramento Seahawks.  He died in a airplane crash almost three years ago."
   "He played hockey?"
  Kit grinned.  "One of his favorite things ta do 'n talk about.  He taught me when I was a little kid."
   "You play?"  Kit nodded.  "Yeah, I play a little, but I'm not great or anything." She said shyly. 
   "What position do you play?"  Mallory asked.  
   "I can play most, but my best 'n favorite position is center."
  "Hey, that's the position I play!"  Duke butted in.
  Kit glanced over at him.  "Really?"  But Mallory thought she detected a trace of annoyance in Kit's Texas accented voice.  "So how about the rest of ya?"  Kit asked.   "I play right wing." Mallory said.   "I get ta be left wing!" Nosedive yelled, getting' hyped up.
   "I play left defense and Grin is right Defense." Tanya said.
   Kit smiled.  "The twins, my adopted bros, played defense."
   "Duke, as you know, is center and I'm goalie."  Wildwing said last.
   "Cool."  Kit said, glancin' around, "did ya hear that?" she asked instantly on her guard.  Kit noticed the others were too. Her emerald green eyes looked everywhere, trying to find what was making her so uncomfterble.  Then she saw it. "Oh, man."  She said softly under her breath.  
 "What?!" Nosedive asked, unable to see it. "Quite, don't make a move or a sound."  Kit whispered back to him.  She noticed that Wildwing was also looking in the same direction as she was, his eyes fixed on it. "Do you know what that is?"  He asked her.
  "What what is!?"  Mallory asked, puzzled.  Kit suddenly realized something. 
 "It's using its magic to hide itself." She whispered back.  
  "Magic? What are you talking about?!"  Mallory demanded.
  "A Harpy.  It uses magic to hide from its victims, then kills them when they're unsecsepting." Kit explained, barley heard and moving barley at all.
  "Okay, I can see how Wildwing could see this Harpy, but how can you?!"" Mallory asked, suspicious of Kit.  
     Kit didn't answer, but stared at the darkness, concentrating hard.  Suddenly there was a flash of light and the Harpy bursted into sight, flying straight at them!  But Kit was in motion too, swinging out of nowhere a huge longbow and firing a bolt (arrow) from which green light exploded as it hit the Harpy!   There was a shock of electricity and the Harpy fell to the ground.  Kit casualty crept up to it, ready to jump back if it was still alive.  The Harpy was still, not moving at all.  Then a glow of light and it vanished.   Wildwing looked at Kit, but didn't say anything.  That Harpy had not appeared of its own will.   he thought as he looked at her. 
   "Okay, I know how Wildwing saw that Harpy, but how did you?!"  Mallory asked Kit.
  Kit didn't answer, but looked past her at something.  "Umm, guys?!"  Nosedive said, also looking past them. Mallory looked around and came to see a HUGE droid, kindda a super droid.  It lowered it arm and suddenly fired at them!
   The explosion rocked the place, stuff falling from the ceiling.  "Everyone, take cover!"  Wildwing ordered as the droid again fired, more stuff falling down. 
    Kit dodged one piece, only to get in the path of another!  Suddenly she was yanked backwards, into a place where a fallen slab had made a natural shelter.  The huge piece thudded down, shattering into a billion pieces.  "Thanks," she said, turning around to her rescuer, "That would of turned me into, shall I say, toast?"
   "It's okay."  Duke said, "Come on, we got to get out of the open."  Kit nodded as another head popped through, "Hey, need any company?!" Nosedive asked as he moved into the shelter.
  "We've got ta stop that thing before it makes the roof collapse down."  Kit said, thinking.
  "Hello, that's a very big droid out there that wouldn't mind turning us into kitty chowder!" Nosedive said sarcastically. 
  Kit smiled, "Hey, that's a machine, right?  And it needs some kind of power to operate it, so all we got ta do is find out what."
    "That gives me an idea!"  Kit and Nosedive looked at Duke, then grinned as he told them it.
  Kit got ready; she was the distraction, so she had to be ready to move.  Kit took a deep breath and charge out onto the open, right where the droid would see her.       "Hey, Tinfoil!  Over here!" She yelled at it, getting its attention right away.  The droid turned and charged at her, blasting away.
  She dodged the blast and led it over to a ledge where Nosedive was waiting with his puckblaster.  He jumped out and started firing at it, while Kit shot bolts (Arrows again) at the droid.  But this was all just another detraction, "Think he's ready?"  Kit asked as her and Nosedive fought the droid. 
  "Um, a little more… yeah, I'd say about NOW!"  At the word 'now' Duke leaped down from where he'd been hiding onto the droid.  He pulled the fuse on a small bomb and leaped off, landing next to Kit and Nosedive. "Get down!"  He yelled, pushing them both down close to the ground and threw himself over them, protecting Nosedive and Kit from the huge blast. BOOM!!! 
  "Whoa!"  Nosedive commented as they all got up.
  "Hummm, a little bigger than what I had in mind, but."  Duke said, looking at what was left of the droid.
  "A little?!   What did ya have in mind, a super nova explosion?!"  Kit glanced at Duke.  He shrugged. 
  "So, like, what happened to everyone else?"  Nosedive asked. 
   Kit and Duke looked at each other.  "Now that ya mention it…" Duke frowned.
   "Where could they have gone? It's not like there's a million places around here, wherever here is."  Kit looked around, puzzled.
     "Well, the only thing that we can do is get the last test over with."  Duke said, taking charge.
   "I wonder what it is."  Kit thought out loud as the three of them walked down yet another corridor.  "Who knows."  Nosedive answered as they came to another door, Duke carefully opened it, looking around.
  It led to a dark room where black mist swirled, creating a very scary effect.  "Well, so you're the three I didn't get."  They whipped around to see Nastinya standing there, shadows flickering across her face.
  "What have ya done with them Nastinya!"  Duke growled at her.
  Nastinya smirked.  "They're my prisoners, however, I'm a sporting gal, if you guys make it through the last test, I'll let you all go free."
  "Okay, we'll do it!"  Nosedive spoke up.
  "What is the last test?"  Kit asked.
  "The last test is," Nastinya smiled evilly, "The mirror of truth."
  "Huh?"  Nosedive asked, puzzled, "That don't sound too bad."
  "Oh, but it is.  You see, the mirror of Truth shows who you really are and it turns you into what you really are. But no backing out of it now."
   They all looked at each other, "Oh, man, why didn't I just stay home dis summer?"  Kit muttered under her breath.
   "I'll go first."  Kit and Nosedive looked at Duke.
  "Hey, be careful Dukester, okay?"  Nosedive said, but Kit saw the worry in his blue eyes.  "Yeah, good luck."  She said, biting her lip hard.
   Duke nodded, then walked into the mist.  Kit and Nosedive looked axinously at each other.  "Think he's okay?"  Kit asked.
   "Yeah, I hope."  Suddenly there was a flash and Nastinya said, "Next!"
   "I'll go.." Kit was interrupted.
  "No, you aren't in this fight.  I'll go."  Kit glared at Nosedive.  "Hey, this lady just drug me through something to who-knows-where, so yeah it is my fight!" Kit reported.
  "I'm still going!"  Nosedive spun on his heel and walked into the mist, Kit looking after him.
  A moment later, "Next!"
  Kit braced herself and walked into the mist.  A second later, she was face to face with an old fashion looking mirror.  She took a deep breath and looked into the mirror. 
  There was a flash of bright light and suddenly Kit felt fire rush though her veins, burning.  Kit heard Nastinya shrieked, "SHE'S WHO?!"
  Kit gasped in some air and stared in disbelief at the mirror.  Then, slowly, the memories came back. "Skygem, Wildfire, mom, dad, Uncle David.  I wasn't dreaming it all."  She whispered to herself, looking at herself in the mirror.  Her hair was the same, so were her eyes, but her skin was covered with black feathers, and, gingerly, she put her hand up to her beak and touched it.
  "Soo, we meet again Kit Valentine Icefire DeCaine!"  Kit turned at the sound of Nastinya's voice; "Ya killed my mother, Nastinya and ya tried to kill me.  And its Kit Valentine Icefire Hepburn DeCaine." Kit said in a cold voice. 
  "Whatever!  And yes I killed that patecitic Icefire and now I'm going to kill you."  Nastinya sneered as shot a ball of purple fire at Kit.
  A green force field went up as a Green band with an emerald in the middle appeared on Kit's forehead.  "Not exactly."
  "The Rowan Emerald!"  Nastinya gasped.
  "Umhum.  And the Rowan herself in person."  Nastinya spun to see another black haired and feathered female duck behind her. "Rowan!"  Nastinya's purple eyes went wide open.
  "Yes.  And I don't enjoy other amateur magic users trying to get ride of my descendants!"  The Rowan's silver eyes burned a hole in Nastinya.
   Kit looked puzzled.  Suddenly there was a flash of silver magic and Kit was back in the pasture behind the camp.  She looked around and saw the others, Wildwing, Nosedive, Mallory, Grin, Tanya and Duke.  They all stared at her.
  "Kit?"  Nosedive asked, looking at her.  Then there was another flash of light and the Rowan stood next to Kit.
 "Yes, this is Kit….."
  "Valentine Icefire Hepburn DeCaine, daughter of Drake and Icefire DeCaine."  They all looked around and saw Rayan Hepburn, Kit's older adopted brother.
   "Rayan?"  Kit's jaw dropped.
  "Don't act so surprised.  I've known all the time who you were, so did Brian.  Your dad told us." He looked at her, "And shut your mouth."
  "Hold it, are you saying that Kit is not a human, but really a duck who is the daughter of the most famous guy in history?!" Nosedive asked.
  Behind his sunglasses Rayan rolled his eyes. "Yes, Kit is the youngest daughter of Drake DeCaine.  She was born, 5018 years ago, when what's-his-name tried to take over Puckworld for the first time.  Mr. D was uninvolved until his wife was killed in an unfair magic battle.  Then he and his oldest and only son, Wildfire, kick their butts outa there. A week or so later, Mr. D went out to check things out.  Kit snuck aboard and they both got chought in a trap that, um, Nastinya, make for Kit.
  Mr. D landed in Sacramento, California, about 12 years ago.  He used Kit's magic to change their appearance to humans.  He changed his last name to Icefire in honor of his wife and his name to David, in honor of his best friend who had lost his life during the invasion.
   But there was one ditch in the thing, Kit had lost her memory when she got hit on the head by a falling box."  Rayan looked at Kit, "Those weren't nightmares you were having, it was pieces of your memory coming back."
  The Rowan nodded.  "Yes, but I've got something to add.  When Wildfire's dad and his two little sisters disappeared, he changed his last name to McDrake."
  "Hey, that's our last name!  Does that mean?"  Nosedive looked at the Rowan.
  She smiled, "Yes, you guys are related.  She's… a kind of disent cousin."
 "CUZ!" Nosedive threw his arms around Kit. "Now I've got someone to help me play tricks on Mal!"
  Wildwing looked at Kit and got a worried look in his eyes.  "Hey, Wildwing, it won't be THAT bad." Duke said with a smile.
 "Um," They all turned to look at Rayan. "Oh, she's your adopted sister, isn't she?"  Wildwing asked Rayan.
  "What, oh, yeah, she is, but if you guys are her cousins and are taking her with you, we can work out the paperwork.  But what I was going to say," Rayan looked at Kit, "Was, don't give her duct tape or marbles, she's DEADLY with those things!"
  They all laughed.  "Well, Kit its your choice, do you want to stay her or go with us?"  Wildwing asked.
  "Umm, No offense Rayan, but I would like ta go."  Kit looked at Rayan. 
  "Hey, I think that's what your dad would want.  And me and Brian and the rest will always be there for you, give us a ring if you're ever in Sacramento again."  Rayan nodded and walked off.
  "You know, we never got any gas."  They all looked at Nosedive.
  "Oh, no!"  Mallory groaned.
  "Don't worry, I can fix that."  They looked at the Rowan.  "However, I must go, so, ta ta for now!"  There was a swirl of silver smoke and The Rowan was gone.
  Later, when they were alone, Kit came up to Wildwing.  
  "Wildwing, I've got some things in Sacramento that well, I kindda want ta get."  She said, looking up at him.
  He nodded.  "Sure."
  "Is it okay if in a couple of days I rejoin ya guys?" 
  "No problem.  We'll be waiting for you."
 Kit grinned and gave him a big hug.  "Thanks."
   A next day Kit looked at the house that she had for so 
long lived in with her dad.   Kit glanced up at the rising sun and smiled, ready to make a new life for herself.
                  The End
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