Ricardo Zuchletsky: 
No one really, nothing so special about him. He came around when Jared needed his help. 
Aparently, Jared thought that Ric went to some school with Max years ago. 
Canine, German and Irish, brown hair cut spikylike short, small beard and mustache, cream 
colored skin. Not intimidated by anything. He has special qualities in swordfighting. Not 
the party animal either but he's not miserable as some people think. 
Age: About 48 or so. (Don't look that old.) 

Yakko Warner: 
The name's familar isn't it? He's the oldest Warner Brother that has been so intersted 
in the crimefighting scene, he knew he had to do it himself. 
Sure you've seen him around before, only now he's got a better wardrobe. 
The idiot of the house. Easily gets on peoples nerves and thinks he;s everything 
because he was left in charge of the new crimefighting team. (Jaxxson, Lori, 
and Zane.) 
Age:  By now I would think 24. 

Jaxxson Bloodworth: 
Came around when he met Tanya years ago where he worked, as a animal research specialist 
and mathemitian. 
Duck, American, blond hair tied back, dark grey skin. 
Hate to say it but the sidekick at Yakko's side. Hates to think it but has to live it 
since Yak just won't let up and be normal for a change. Has this slight problem 
speaking sometimes and ususally regrets ever leaving his old job. 
Age: About 30. 

Max Troop: 
The bad guy. A notroutious, mean, very wierd and extremely crazed madman that had 
terrorized the old city where the ducks and everyone else had lived. 
Canine, American, black spiky hair, black skin, floppy ears. 
The real MORON of the whole cast even thought he's considered the villian. Does 
nothing but terroize people making it fun. Yakko makes it his goal in life to 
capture him. 
Age: No one knows... 

Max's assitant and "gofer." Was once the alian brain that Max once had but planted it into 
the body of a young man, which is how Zebro is today. 
Duck, originally alian but looks to be American, white hair that goes to his sholder 
in a tangled mess, cream skin, glasses. HATES Max with all his passion but must remain 
in Max's mansion for certain reasons. 
Age: Looks about 24. 

Zane DiBonaventura: 
Came around as a animal specialist, he was looking for a villian. He's
Jaxxson's cousin as well. 
Duck, American, short and extremely spiky black hair, glasses. The aid to all 
thchnical problems. Has a good sence of humor ofcouse he doesn't talk much at all. 
Age: About 25 

Lori Featherstone: 
Came with Jared from Puckworld to find the ducks about something important. (Forgot) 
Duck, from Puckworld, slim, brown hair to shoulders, cream skin. 
A serious worker but not the real fighter, she was just to assist Jared to 
find the ducks, she isn't into real combat and just like Zane, she doesn't talk much. 
Age: About 25. 

Jared Icestone: 
P.M.F (Puckworld Military Forces) Specical Secret Services Agent who came to earth to 
find the ducks. 
Duck, from Puckworld, deep musky color purple hair spiked slightly, greenish grey skin. 
Sometimes the funnyman but most of the time a good stradigy thinker. Not in any team 
but keeps his cover as the "cop" of the house with his new partner, Monica. 
Age: In his early 30's. 

Monica Weaver: 
Ex-cop from San Diego, CA. When she moved to Springview her new boss sends her to 
investigate Jared. Ever since then they have become partners. 
Canine, American, redish hair to her shoulders in a round shape, cream skin. 
Very serious most of the time and has trouble with Jared and his "crazy" thinking, 
as well as putting up with his humor. 
Age: Mid or late 20's 

Melinda Jonas: 
Dive's girl. She was just someone he came across the mall one day. 
(Not alot of info on the whole story) 
Duck, American, bushy blonde hair in a round shape w/redish streaks, cream skin. 
Inteligent young girl, is willing to put up with Dive's antics, but loves him 
just the same. 
Age: About Dive's age, which would be 20 by now. 

Lilona Zuchletsky: 
Ricardo's daughter. Came to White Water to find her father, who she hasn't seen since 
she was 6 years old. 
Canine, same race as her father, black with highlighted blonde hair to her shoulders 
in layers, cream skin. Doesn't do much, she has nothing to do with the ducks at all, 
she's just happy to be back with her father. 
Age: Young, about 23. 

Lukase L'Orange: 
Duke's son from a not so previous relationship. 
Duck, half of the race of Puckworld and half American (from his mother's side), blonde 
spikylike hair, grey skin. Not as close to his father as you would think, but they are 
very similar in most ways. He practices swordfighting with Ricardo since Duke is 
never around. 
Age: I would think 16 or 17. 

A robot that Max created. He was once held prisoner but somehow escaped. 
Canine, All silver ex. blue here and there. 
He was once a human canine but Max wanted to test a theroy: could he create 
a robot from a real person? He proved his theroy as "yes." A VERY smart ass, 
doesn't like Ricardo and will make jokes on him every chance he gets. 
Age: Was anyway 28. 

That's all I can think of for now. Next I have some improtant notes on this series 
for you to read up on. 

The series is NOT taken in Anahiem, it's a city called White Water Ridge in NJ. 

In truth, the ducks don't really fight anymore, besides having to deal with Max, 
there isn't much to do so it's really a casual show. 

There are some of the ducks that i never liked so I don't put the following in my stories: 
Mallory, Grin or Tanya. (Uesd to have Tanya through, I may put her back in later.) 

Canard is back from something Max had done a longe time ago. (Don't ask!) He was 
the one that had taken over a new kind of team, Yakko, Jaxxson, Lori, and Zane. 

The team that Canard (or "Con" as Yakko and Jaxxson call him) had battled other villans 
for awhile but it soon wore off and he's let Yakko lead around the new team, especially 
after a REAL and almost paralizing insident with a dangerous villian. (Want details ask 
me. I got to room for explaining) 

Alright, ALOT has gone on in the past, some ppl have come and gone, ppl I didn't post above, 
so if ppl are talking about someone that ya don't know and not written above, you can all be 
willing to ask me, or it may even explain it in the story! 

***Note from Kira***
Got questions? email me at rosecrystal13@hotmail.com if
you want to talk to Lance directly contact me and I'll send you his email. 

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