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                  Lessons and Reflections

                        Chapter 2


            Canard felt his stomach drop as he looked into the red eyes of the female

saurian that stood before him. He heard his teamates pull out their puck blasters and

instantly aim at her. But before a shot could be fired Fox stepped in front of the saurian

and telekinetically lifted the puck blasters into the air. The psysquad watched in wry

amusement as Nosedive stubbornly held on to his blaster and was lifted into the air

with it. "Hey!! Leggo!" he shouted. Fox smirked and dropped the puck blasters. Dive

crashed into the floor as the other five blasters clattered around him. "Nobody is

shooting anybody." Maloney said trying to hide his chuckles behind a serious voice.

Canard's voice finally came back to him. "Y... y... you mean that... th.. the Saurians

were the council before you?" he stammered. "Yes and no." the Saurian replied.

The Mighty Ducks looked at each other and at Canard in confusement. Mallory slowly

spoke, "Well, you said you had a story. What is it?"

            "Long ago, on a world in another dimension, the Saurians(a then peaceful

race) lived on a planet called Pyrhenna. It was a hot planet, much suited to our cold

blooded biology. Everyone was pretty much happy. But we lived in a false euphoria.

There were no wars, no poverty, no police force."


"That's interesting. Peaceful saurians. Hmph!" Nosedive snorted. "Shutup, kid."

Canard said. "I want to hear this. Go on."


"There were a small band of elite warriors to defend us from outside intruders and the

few bad apples that fell in our lot. But that was our entire defense. But slowly our planet

began deteriorating. In our euphoric ignorance we had not realized that our home was

dying from the ever increasing technology and industrialism. The people became

divided and argued. One half said we had to save our home or leave to find another.

The other half denied that anything was wrong with Pyrhenna. Finally a huge battle broke

out. They fought for days in the bloodiest war that had ever taken place on Pyrhenna.

They kept dividing and dividing in anger and distrust till finally a small band of dissenters

and rebels started creeping through the streets causing more division. Even recruiting

more saurians to help in their twisted plot. The band grew into a large rebellion that

attacked the majestic capital building that overlooked the capital city. They killed and

pillaged and ravaged everything in their path. Their purpose was to overthrow the

Pyrhennian government and take over the planet. In the midst of this rebellion came the

time for the saurian ascension as the spiritual council. They looked down in tears as

they watched the remnants of the good saurians die in the massacre. What was left of the

Saurian race destroyed the planet and fled to ships as majestic Pyrhenna imploded in it's

own fire. The escaping saurians left behind a legacy of destruction, evil, and despair

wherever they went. "


"Amazing. Selective breeding to the evil degree." Tanya murmured. She looked up

surprised to see that everyone had heard her. "I.. I've always heard of selective breeding

to improve a race but never to degrade one." she quickly babbled out. The female

Saurian nodded in agreement then continued.


"A million years later they discovered Puckworld and attacked. I was fourteen at the time.

Raised in the belief that we had a divine right to this destruction, I would join in the battles

as an assasin. I was specifically trained to kill Drake DuCaine himself


"Excuse me?" Wildwing interrupted. The Saurian stopped and said softly, "I was trained

for one purpose... to kill Drake DuCaine." "You knew DuCaine?" Nosedive said in awe.

the saurian grinned respectively. "Yes, I knew him. He was a good duck. Very friendly, too.

Once he got over the fact that I tried to kill him."


"When I snuck into his chambers, I expected him to be asleep with weariness from that

day's battles. But instead I saw him in despair working over a masklike device. I silently

snuck up behind him to complete my mission. I plotted to steal his device as proof along

with his head to prove he was dead. I raised my knife to strike only to be slammed into the

wall. My vision blacked out as I could not comprehend what happened in the speed of the

moment. I looked up through bleary eyes and saw DuCaine standing over me. The mask

in one hand and my knife in the other. He put the blade to my neck and said "Give me one

reason I shouldn't kill you." I glared at him. I couldn't believe that this duck had the daring

to give me a choice. "DuCaine." I heard a saurian voice say. I looked to see a male saurian

standing in the corner. Where he had come from I didn't know. He hadn't been there a

second ago. "Yes, Gratz." DuCaine replied. His eyes never strayed from mine as the knife

stayed against my neck. "Let her go. She is chosen." "For what?" "The next guardian. Instead

bind her hands. She will also help us win this battle." DuCaine sighed  and threw the knife

aside. He grabbed my arm and roughly bound my hands behind my back with rope and

dragged me down the hall as he followed the saurian called Gratz to another room. I stumbled

along in confusion and insult. --A saurian helping the ducks. That would make my warlord's

day. -- I thought. --It would wouldn't it.-- I stopped in and looked in surprise at Drake DuCaine.

 No one knew I was telepathic. I hadn't known that DuCaine was either. He grinned wryly at me.

--How else did I know you were behind me?-- he told me. I stumbled along astoundedly as he

began to drag me down the hall again. When we arrived DuCaine threw me down at Gratz's

feet. I looked up to see six more ducks: Ausmus, Cammi, Daman, Princess, Fox, and Maloney.

They looked at me and back at Gratz. "She is our gaurdian?" Cammi asked. "She's one of the

enemy." "Not for much longer." Gratz said solemnly. I felt a strange energy rush through me as

my body lifted from the ground and was whirled around to face Gratz. My vision faded away from

his face to the planet of Pyrhenna a million years earlier. I began to cry as I saw how foolish

and evil we had become over the centuries of demonic breeding. I learned the story of the

universe and how I was chosen a million years earlier by a telepath that could see the future. A

telepath of my race that didn't join the council. I cried and asked mercy of Gratz to release me

from his telepathic grip. He did. I fell to the floor in despair. DuCaine came and untied my

bonds. I nodded my head in agreement to him as I surrendered my will. I was now one of them. My

training began as the new gaurdian. I also worked with DuCaine telling him everything I knew of

our defense. I even told him the weakness of our forcefield that hid our ships. He used that

information in creating the mask and led an assault on the warlords. Victory was his. He sent

them to the prison in dimensional limbo. Once that was done it became time to ascend. DuCaine

came to me that day. --It is time for me to choose.-- he told me. I looked at him confused. But

only for a moment, as I realized that DuCaine was a telepath that would not be chosen to ascend.

His purpose was for the future, to see and to choose the next guardian. The one I would guard,

guide, and train. DuCaine explained to me that he had spent every night since the night he caught

me in the vision world.  And that the night before he had sent off a package for the future. A

package that would lead to the creation of the Moon Pendant. The very pendant which dangles

around Rose's neck."


Everyone paused and looked towards Rose who had been fingering the pendant out of habit.


"In the vision world DuCaine had studied the future and had chosen the next guardian, as well as

as one of his descendants to deliver the Moon pendant."


"Hold it. I have a question." Duke suddenly spoke for the first time upon arriving at the

compound."Yes?" "If the past councils did not need the Moon Pendant, then why does this future

council need it now?" The suarian smiled and said "That is one detail, I left out. When the

suarian council took its place it saw that the universe was changing dramatically. Which is

natural for the innate good of all beings. It saw that a future council would need more power to

control the universe. Which is how the next to races were chosen for ascension. The ducks were

chosen for their powers in ancient magic, where by this time had been forgotten in most of the

universe. They had the ability to create the pendant with the powers to control the universe as

needed. The humans were chosen next for their durability in using magic and their endurance and

strength. It is for the natural procession of all things. As the universe changes, so must the

council." Duke nodded at the wise reply to acknowledge his satisfaction with the answer.


"DuCaine took my hands as he and I fell into the telepathic trance. He showed the the future of

the next millenium. The decisions that would be made. The chosen ones, the ones who would simply

further the future, and so forth. In this trance I saw Canard and knew he was the one chosen for

this job. When he came into being I watched over him as if he were my child. I guarded him on

his journey to find DuCaine's mask. I now he and I meet face to face to begin the training once

more. Canard you can now know me as Kria." Canard look Kria in the eyes slowly. Finally he felt

himself again. He knew she had told the truth. Meanwhile, Rose looked at Missy. Missy had turned

very pale. Rose watched in concern as Missy made telepathic contact with Fox. Rose tried to

listen in only to find herself telepahically blocked. Rose looked in protest to Maloney who only

shrugged and told her --What will be will be, child. We as administrators and governors are not

here to interfere but to guide rightfully.-- --But, what is wrong with Missy?-- "You will know

impetuous one." Kria said. Rose looked over at Kria feeling slightly embarrased that she had been

monitored. Rose tried to push her questions aside as she sat back to attempt relaxation. She felt

Jack's arm slip around her shoulder's protectively. She looked up into his piercing blue eyes and

found comfort, knowing he was just as concerned. Rose sighed as she pondered who would make the

council and who wouldn't.



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