Memories And... More

The girl looked around her room one last time before leaving.     The girl was dressed in black flair pants, a black leather jacket, a green halter top that matched the emerald green of her almond shaped eyes, with green and black boots.
     But there was something strange about the girl, for one thing she had black feathers and a beak, and the other thing was the acastinal flicker of green fire around her fingers, magic.   In other words, she was a duck. A Talent, well, the new and second POWER actually*(Note: The POWER is the highest and rarest position in magic.  Most are called magic-users, or the second highest rank, A Talent. In history, there has only ever been one other POWER, The Rowan.  See story The Rowan… And the Beginning of a Legend   to find out who she is.) 
    The girl glanced in the mirror, brushing her hair to a shiny gloss.  Her black hair was parted far to the left, leaving the right side to curl half way over her right eye.  The rest of her hair fell to her waist curling up slightly.  Then she sighed.     Her whole world had changed about a week ago when she had been sucked into a trap along with the Mighty Ducks.  She 
had been human then, daughter of the decreased David Icefire, adopted 
sister to Rayan and Brian Hepburn, twins, the second richest people in the world.  Until she found out that she was really Kit DeCaine, daughter of Drake DeCaine.  Instinct made her look down at her watch, to see that she had five mins. to get to the bus station before it left.
    Ten mins later, Kit was on the bus, heading to her new life and Anaheim, home of the Mighty Ducks.  People were still getting on the bus, so she waited inmaptinly.  "Excuse me, is this seat taken?"  A heavily accented Brooklyn voice asked her, sounding very familiar.   The girl looked up; to make eye contact with a dark jade colored eye.
     "What are ya doin' here?!" Kit gasped, utterly surprised.   As he pushed his bag into the stowaway compartment, he answered, "Wildwing thought 
ya might like havin' someone travel with ya."  Then he gave a shove and his bag finally went in.  Kit grinned, "Havin' some trouble?   I got all mine in without any trouble."
    He glanced down at her, "So THAT'S why my bag won't go in, there's a million others in there."  Kit shook her head; her long raven colored hair flying out.  "Nop, only four duffel bags."
    "Are ya sure ya only got four?  From all the trouble its takes ta get something in there, it feels like a hundred."  He asked.    Kit hesitated, then said, "Its all I wanted ta take, the rest was at the Hepburn's house.  I left
almost everything of mine 'n dad's at our old house when Mr. Hepburn adopted me."  Suddenly the bus jerked, everyone finally on.  Kit was silent for the first five min. then she asked, "Mumm, how come Wildwing sent 
ya?  I mean, why not Mallory or Nosedive?"
    Duke glanced down at the short girl.  "Well, he didn't want ya 'n Nosedive ta go nuts when ya met again 'n get inta mischief, 'n Wildwing just thought that I was da best for the job."  Kit sensed that he wasn't telling her something, but ignored it.   
     "So why did he think I needed someone ta travel with?"
 "It's a long way from Sacramento ta Anaheim."  Kit felt insulted by this comment. 
   "I can take care of myself!"  Duke looked at Kit, those enchanting 
emerald green eyes flaring up at him.  "Maybe, but Wildwing thought just 
in case Draongas decided ta do somethin'.  And he also said its all gonna be new ta ya, what with everythin' ya've gone through, discoverin' who ya really are 'n all."
   "Oh."  Kit pulled out a CD player and turned it on, pulling the headphones over her ears, zoning out the window.  He didn't mind, it gave him another chance to study her.  Her short 5'2 frame was slouched on the seat, her long wavy raven hair spilled out over her shoulders.  They were two of her most striking features, her spell binding green eyes and her long black hair which had been brushed to a glossily shine that made you want to touch and stroke it.  Her black feathers had a healthy gloss to them, kindda strange, very few people had black feathers.  And her personality, well, she was one in a billion.  It was a kindda quirky personality, she could been a sweet, fun lovin' gal one moment, the next, she ripe your head off for the smallest remark.   But she loved sports, and she exercised a lot, heh, she was in 
better shape that most athletes were in.   They still weren't sure how good she was at hockey, but he'd bet that she was great at it.   Oh, she said she wasn't very good, but she down graded herself a lot.  It was funny, the way she could have so much confidence, and yet think so little of herself. Duke sighed, then pulled out a magazine and started reading; after all, this looked like it was going to be a long trip. 
      It was 11:15 at night and the bus had gone two hundred miles.  And they had just now made it to the coast.  Kit yawned, she was tired from the trip, but they still had a long ways ta go.   "If ya want ta go ta sleep, ya can lean on me." Duke offered.   Kit glanced over at him.  "Is that okay with ya?"  She asked with her Texas accented voice.   he thought but said, "Yeah, 'n ya need ta get some sleep.  We've still got a long way."   Kit sifted, then leaned her head against him, pulling her slender legs up onto the seat, then drifting of to sleep.   
     He looked down at her, admazed.  She had a lot of the habits that most thieves had.  One, the way she always stood with her back to a wall, another, the way she was always on her guard, the way her feet never made a sound.  She also slept lightly, and could go to sleep with ever she wanted.  Defiantly strange for a girl who'd lived most of her life pampered.   Kit shifted, then curled up to him.  Gently he put his arm around her, trying to make her  more comfterble.  
     It was funny, the way she adovided all suggestion of romance He reminded himself, when she was awake, but asleep, her vanerbilities came out.  Absently he stroked her hair, thinking back to a couple days ago…………………………….

    "Wildwing?"  Wildwing turned at the sound of his name, "Yeah Duke?"
    Duke sat next to him on the benches, "When's yar cousin, Kit DeCaine, coming?"
    "She said she'd be back in about a couple of days.  She had to pack her stuff, things like that."  He answered.
    "Oh."  Duke was silent for a moment, "So where's she from?"
    Wildwing thought.  "Kit said she was from Sacramento, the capital of California.  She and her dad had a house there.  From what I got, most of 
her life she'd lived there."
    "Sacramento.  That's a long way away.   It's in da upper part of California." 
    "I know.  I'm worried about her making the trip by herself; Draongas could kidnap her and use her as a hostage, who knows.  And she's got a lot to deal with, learning that she's not a human, but a duck, who she is, who her dad was, all that stuff, its a lot for one person to deal with all in one whap."  Wildwing mused.
   "Yeah.  Ummm, Wildwing, I kindda got an idea."
  Wildwing looked at Duke, "What is it?"
  "Wellllll, I thought maybe I could go Sacramento, meet her on da bus 'n travel down with her.  That way she wouldn't be alone 'n I'd be there if anything happened."  Duke proposed his idea.
   Wildwing thought about it for a moment, then said, "That sounds good to me.  I know I'd feel better if someone was with her."    Duke thought.  "So how soon can you be ready?"  Wildwing asked Duke.
   "I'll start packin' right now."  Duke headed for the door, then turned around as Wildwing said, "You know, Duke, even though Kit lived more than 5000 years ago, she's only 18."
   Duke laughed.  "Believe me, Wildwing, I'm not interested in getting' involved with anyone 12 years younger than me.  My interest in you little cousin is only as a big brother."   his inner voice said, 
questioning him. 

 "Hey, Duke, what's up?"   Kit Texas accented voice brought him out of his flashback.  He looked down at her. 
   "What do ya mean?"  He asked.
  She frowned, "Ya sounded angry."
  "Believe me, its nothing.  Go back to sleep."  He said, looking down at 
her, wondering what she'd meant.  
     Suddenly the bus lurched as a blast flung it off the road!  The bus spun, hitting the guardrail, then groaning as the bus fell down the steep incial, rolling over 'n over.  People screamed as the bus rolled down toward the rushing river, glass flying as all the windows broke.  Kit winced as one long sharp piece hit her arm, cutting it to the bone.  Another scrapped her cheek, blood appeared on her face from the glass.
   Then the bus stopped.  It had hit a tree that was holding it up from the river, but the tree groaned, not strong enough to hold the bus for long.     "Okay everyone, carefully file out da back emergency exit, slowly and carefully, no rushing or panicking, children 'n ladies first please."  A voice started directing, and then Kit realized it was her voice.  "Would da men please help da ladies 'n da kids?  Thank ya." Kit said in a calm voice, 
trying to encourage the people.   She looked over at Duke on the seat next 
to her; he was out cold, whacked over the head with a falling bag from the storage compartments.  She waited until almost everyone was out, then asked one of the men, "Could ya please help me?  My friend is out cold 'n  
I doubt I'm strong enough to get him out."
  "Sure lady."  The man nodded and lifted Duke up and carried him out.  
The man looked to see if the girl who had asked him was coming, then saw that she was crawling toward the front of the bus!  "Hey!  Come back!  If you get close enough, you'll get trapped with the bus!"  He yelled at her.   But Kit ignored him, trying to get something.  She reached for the first aid kit, missed, then tried again.  This time she got it.  Very slowly she crawled 
backwards toward the exit, then froze as the bus groaned and tilted forward towards the river.  Kit whipped around and ran, jumping out just as the bus went splashing into the river.  Kit paused, trying to catch her breath as looked at the place where the bus had been, thinking of what a close call she'd had.  Then she felt arms wrap around her, pressing her shivering body to his. "Ya're trembling." A voice said quietly next to her ear.  Kit stiffened then relaxed back against Duke.  "I got da first aid kit."  She whispered, not wanting to talk any louder less he or anyone else heard the fear in her voice.   She rested her head on his chest, tired from it all.  It had seemed like years, but had all happened in ten min, it was now 11:45.  
  "Ya did good, but ya shouldn't have done that.  Wildwing would of killed me if ya had of gotten hurt."  He thought as he stroked her hair.
   Kit pulled away; "Here's the fist aid kit.  Some people are hurt and they need attention."  She said, giving him the kit.  Duke sighed, there for a moment she'd trusted him, allowed him to hold her.  He thought, suddenly confused. 
  Kit moved over to the group of huddled people, children crying, women shivering from the close call.  "Is anyone a doctor?"  She asked, trying to 
put some cheerfulness in her voice.  One middle-aged man raised his hand.  "Miss, I'm a certified doctor. How may I help?"  He asked, Kit answered back, "Please go around to everyone 'n help those who need medical care.  
I can help ya a little with that sir."  He nodded.  
   "My name is Doctor Andrews."  Kit held out her hand.  "Kit DeCaine, nice ta meet ya sir.  'N my friend's name is Duke L'Orange."  Duke shook the doctor's extended hand.  Kit looked at Dr. Andrews, "Please, Dr. Andrews, sir, could ya look at Duke's head?  He got hit pretty hard with a fallin' bag."   Dr. Andrews nodded and started to check Duke, even with Duke protesting that he didn't need to be.  
    Kit walked around, trying to help people.  She comforted the kids, 
playing with them to take their minds off of what had happened.  An hour later, her head was spinning with dizziness.  She fought to stay up right, but didn't show any of this.  Then she noticed a woman who had a baby.  "May 
I help ya?"  She asked softly.  The woman nodded, so tired she could hardly keep her eyes open.  "Bless you child."  She said to Kit.  "My name is Nancy Namrs."   Kit took the baby from her arms.  "I'm Kit DeCaine." Kit said, unzipping her backpack, the only thing she'd saved, it being on her 
back when the bus had rolled.  Kit pulled out some jerky and a candy bar, giving it to Nancy.
   "Here, eat this, it'll help ya."  Kit's voice was soft, she was having trouble talking, and her throat just wouldn't cooperate.  And she was having trouble seeing the ground, her legs shaking slightly.   she thought, not giving herself any rest, and she held the baby carefully in her arms.   Kit didn't realize it, but she'd have been out long before if she weren't in such great shape.
  She walked over to the kids where Duke was trying to help Dr. Andrews see what kind of injuries the kids had.  Most of them were fine.  
  "May I take the baby?"  Another woman asked, Kit gratefully giving the baby to her.  Her right arm hurt, but Kit still helped with the kids.  They crowed around her, accepting the snacks she'd packed in her backpack. The Kit notice one of the kids had only a tee shirt on, and it was a cold night.  
Kit walked over to the little girl, and knelt down.  "Here, its cold out."  Kit said, pulling off her black leather jacket, giving it to the girl.  
  "Thanks."  Kit nodded in welcome, suddenly feeling the cold stinging wind.  she thought to herself.  Kit walked over to Duke, "Duke, I…."  Suddenly her knees buckled and her world 
went black.  

   Duke looked up as Kit walked over.  She didn't have her leather jacket on, only a small halter top.  "Duke, I…" then she collapsed, Duke chought her before she hit the ground, then gasped as he saw her right arm.  It was cut deep, bone showing white through her black feathers, and blood was 
matted in her feathers.  She also had other cuts on her body, ranging from serious to scraps.  "Hey, Doc, I've got another customer for ya!" he yelled  to Dr. Andrews, trying to keep the fear he suddenly felt out of his voice.
   Dr. Andrews came over, then turned pale when he saw Kit.  "By glory, a wound like that and she was running around helpin' people?!"  He said in total disbelief. 
   Duke looked down at her, "Kit's like that, always puttin' other before herself.  She never shows pain, not, at least, in the time that I've known her."  He looked back up at the doctor.  "Where can I put her?"  Duke asked.
   "Well, we've got a place where we're trying to put all of the people.  Its 
a cave about half a mile away."  Dr. Andrews looked around. "We've got almost everyone there, but can you carry her that far?"
  Duke nodded.  "Yeah, Lets go, she need attention now."

 Dr. Andrews glanced over at Kit.  It had been a couple of hours since she'd passed out, then he saw Kit stirring in her sleep. She slowly opened her emerald green eyes, glancing around.  It appeared that they were in a cave of some sort.  Outside the rain was coming down in sheets, making the whole world look damp and dark.
   A hand was softly place on her bandaged arm.  "So how are you feeling my child?"  Dr. Andrews asked her.  She looked up into his merry twinkling 
blue eyes behind spectacles.  "Umm, tired."  She answered, Dr. Andrews frowned.  Her voice was barely whispering and she sounded funny.  And it was the first time she'd not addressed him as "Sir".
   "Don't try to say anything, you need to rest.  You've got some very 
serious injuries young lady."  She looked up at him, then asked in a soft whisper, "How'd I get here?"
  Dr. Andrews looked down at her.  "You collapsed, and your friend carried you here, to this cave half a mile away."
  Dr. Andrews saw her lean back into the big coat she'd been wrapped in.  "My friend, I mean Duke, where…"
   "I'm right here girl."  Duke appeared out of nowhere, squeezing her hand. "So how do ya feel?"  He asked her.
  "She's okay, but only if she takes it easy.  That cut was a hard one, you're lucky she didn't bleed to death." Dr. Andrews answered.  Duke nodded,  "Oh, Dr. Andrews, a man over there needs your help."   The kindly doctor looked down at Kit, who was almost asleep, "Not as much as she does, but I'll go."  And he started off in the direction that Duke had pointed in.
   Then Duke looked down at Kit, "Hey, feelin' any better?"  He asked her.
   Kit nodded, "Not as dizzy."  She murmured, her voice soundin' kindda funny. "But won't ya be cold with out yar coat?" She asked.
   Duke shook his head.  "No, its warm in here and ya need it more than I do."  Then he leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.  "Don't worry, everything will be okay girl."  She sighed and fell back to sleep.
     Duke yawned and looked at his com.  It read 3:57 in the morning.   he thought.  He stretched out and leaned against the wall, instantly asleep.  No one noticed Kit's eyes flicked open, checking to see if anyone was watching.  But everyone was fast asleep.   She smiled evilly, then pulled out a small tranquilizer.
      She pulled the coat off, hiding the tranquilizer.  She looked over at Duke then leaned over him, awaking him.  "Huh, Kit, what's up?" 
     She leaned close to him.   Duke could feel his heart skip a beat as he looked up at her.   "Duke," She leaned even closer to him, her body almost touching his.  She moved her arm around the back of his neck, entwining her fingers in his feathers.  "Yeah baby?"  He asked, suddenly having trouble breathing.
    "Nothing, expect," Then she smiled evilly down at him, "You've been fooled."  Then all in one motion, she stabbed the tranquilizer into the back 
of his neck, savoring the surprised and hurt looked on his face as he passed out.
    He came to in a cell, well, actually it looked a lot like one of Draongas's cells.  He looked around, trying to find out where he was.  Suddenly slender black arms were flung around him and a Texas accented voice yelled, "Ya're alive!"   He whipped his sword out and suddenly Kit found she had a saber at her throat.  Her emerald green eyes went wide open, "Ummm, Duke, I kindda like my head on my shoulders."  She said, looking uneasily at the shape saber at her slender throat.  But instead of the sword bein' took from her throat, she found she was getting backed up against a wall.  Duke glared at her.  "Duke, are ya okay?"  She asked, getting really worried.
   "Why are ya askin' me, ask yarself, Traitor!" he snarled.
   Kit eye's flared, "TRATIOR!" she roared back at him.  "I ANIN'T NO TRATIOR!"
   Duke dropped his sword and held her arms to her side, pressing her to the wall.  "Yes, traitor!" he growled, his face close to hers.  Kit glared up at him, her eyes burning, "Listen, buster, I ain't got no clue what yar talkin' 'bout, BUT GET YAR HANDS OFF ME!"   Duke held her arms even tighter to her sides.
   "Why, can't take what ya dole out?!"  He growled.
  Duke glared down at her, pressing his body to hers hard.  He put his beak even closer to her slender beak.  "Ya know exactly what I mean, 'cause ya're da one who shoved da tranquilizer inta my neck!"  Kit's jaw dropped. 
     "I WHAT?!" she asked, totally admazed at what she was hearing.  And 
at what she was feeling.  By all rights she should be ready to kill him for touching her, but adrenaline was pumping through her body by gallons.  And she was scared and yet in a funny way she wanted him to crush her to his body, to hold her tight.  was her only thought. 
     He saw, there for a moment, in Kit's striking emerald eyes, a total puzzlement, and a longing, just for a moment, then anger clouded them again. Later, Duke had no clue why he did it, but when he saw that look in her eyes that he'd seen for only a moment, he felt a surge of adrenaline go through him.  Almost hungrily he crushed his beak to hers, wrapping his strong arms around her and pressing their bodies close. He felt Kit's body press against his, kissing him back, her arms going around his neck, her 
long slender fingers weaving through his feathers and hair, pulling his face closer to hers.  Suddenly she pushed him away, glaring fiercely at him. He looked at her in utter surprise.
  "I thought ya were a gentleman Duke L'Orange."  She said in a cold voice. "Taking advantage of a 18 year old girl isn't too gentlemanly."  Duke stared at her then moved closer to her,  "I think, Icefire, that ya are as much ta blame." He said.
   Kit glared at him.  "'N what do ya mean by that?!"
   Duke moved even closer to her.  "What I meant, Icefire, was that ya
 kissed me right back."  She stared at him.  "Ya may never admit it, but ya did.  'N ya wanted ta."
     "WHAT?!"  Kit shimmered in anger.  "Keep yar hands off me L'Orange!" 
     They were so close now that the slightest movement and their bodies would touch.  "Then don't ever look at me like that again if ya don't like bein' kissed."
  "Look at ya in what way?!!  'N WHY do ya keep callin' me Icefire?!" 
  "Because Icefire is how I think of ya.  Ya're fiery, but cold at the same time, ya melt people's hearts with that innocent look and whenever ya look at me, I feel like I'm on fire." He said, looking down at her, surprised to see a look of terror on her face.   "No, oh please no.  Not again, please not again."  He heard her say in a whisper.
  "What?  Icefire, what is it?"   H was surprised to find her shivering; her emerald eyes open in horror, her whole body shaking.   She shook her head, not saying anything.   She roared at herself in her mind, her body obeying.  She stopped shaking and got her emotions under control. 
    Duke looked down at her, she stopped shaking and lost the look of absolute terror, but she wasn't answering him.   "Why," she asked, "Do ya think I'm a traitor?" She was once again in charge of herself.
    Before he could answer, they heard footsteps and Duke gasped in surprise when he saw who it was.  "K.. Kit, but, how.."
    The duck that looked just like Kit smiled and shimmered.  "Nastinya!" Kit hissed at the tall slender female duck.  Nastinya was a Talent, the purple to be precise, she had long purple hair with pink highlights to the back of her knees and hot pink feathers, she was gorgeous, but deadly.  Nastinya smirked, "Why yes, it's me.  Feel foolish L'Orange?"  She asked Duke with an evil smile.
"Ya framed Kit, makin' me think she was a traitor just like ya!" he growled at Nastinya, angery.  Kit looked at both of them, utterly confused.  
   "Umm, could some one tell me what's goin' on here?"  She asked, puzzled by what Nastinya and Duke were saying.  
   "This person impostored ya and made me think that ya were a traitor." Duke answered, still glaring at Nastinya.
   Nastinya smirked, " Oh, I'm sorry, did that hurt finding out that your Love was a traitor?  I'm glad. Although," She paused for a moment, then continued speaking, "For a price I might let YOU go." She said to Duke.
   "None of yar prices are worth it Nastinya!" He reported back.
   "Not even, " Nastinya's purple eyes glowed, "A simple thing?"
    "Like what?!" 
  Nastinya was enjoying this immensely.  "I'm afraid I can't tell you at the moment, but Dragonvas wanted her to be brought up.  Probably for torture or something like that."  She glanced at Kit to see how the girl was taking all of this, but found no expression on Kit's face.   Nastinya frowned, then unlocked the door and grabbed Kit, then locking the door again.  Before she left, she called out, "By the way, Duke Darling, these doors are magically locked.  I wouldn't suggest trying to get out.  It might be," Nastinya smirked, "Painful.  Ta ta Darling!"
   Duke frowned and sat down, studying the cell he was imprisoned in.  And to sort out his feelings.  He shook his head, now he couldn't deny his feelings, that part he was sure on, after kissing Kit.  She was way more to him than a little sister or a fellow teammate.  And there for a moment he'd thought Kit felt the same.   He sighed.  Kit was hard to figure out, she had strange mood changes and he had a feeling that in the past couple of weeks, she'd showed more innermost feelings than she had in years.  They really didn't know that much about her, in fact, almost nothing about her.
   That kiss.  It had been unlike any other.  He remembered the way she pressed back against him, her slender arms around his neck, her lips crushed against his.  For one moment she'd let go of her feelings, shown them and acted on them.  But maybe he was only imagining it…. NO!  He had not imagined it!  Kit had wanted to kiss him and she had, until she'd remembered. 
   "Well, are ya comin' or stayin'?!"  A slightly annoyed low, husky, catty voice asked him.  He looked up to find that a slender human dressed in a gray jeans, a gray vest and a green shirt with a gray cowboy hat and boots was looking at him, leaning against the opened door. "Who are ya?" he asked.
   She rolled her emerald green eyes that had gray speaks in them, "Da name's Robin Esperonza. And we really need ta get goin'." 
   "But where, what bout Kit?"
  "Now ain't da time.  I'll answer all questions after we get out."  She turned and Duke followed, unsure of this human who had appeared so suddenly.
  Kit watched Nastinya walk down the corridor in front of her, droids on both sides.  Almost casually Kit stuck her leg out and tripped a droid, flinging herself at Nastinya as Nastinya turned around to see what was wrong.  In a short moment the battle was over, Kit the winner.  She slinked down some halls, then almost crashed into a tall, handsome muscular duck.
   He grabbed her by the arms and said in a soft whisper, "Whoa, slow down there girl."
   Kit struggled, unsure if this duck who had long black hair tied back into a ponytail and dark brown feathers was a new enemy. "Hey, cool it, girl, I'm on your side.  Robin sent me to help you excape, although it looks like you already did."  He said, reassuring her.  "My name is Darkshadow Nightfang."
   "I'm Kit DeCaine." 
  He rolled his dark handsome blue eyes.  "Every Elder and blasted magic user knows who you are kid.  But enough with the introductions, we've got to get out of here."
  Kit looked up at him with worry in her emerald green eyes.  "But what'd 'bout Duke?" 
  Darkshadow waved his hand.  "Don't worry, Robin got him.  Or is getting him."  With that he started like a shadow down the corridor, Kit following him.
   They had almost no trouble, except for a droid or two, and then they were outside.  It was night out, almost morning, the sky lit by stars.  Then Kit noticed three other figures.  One was a feline; the other two were ducks. 
  "Darkshadow, how did it go?" One of the ducks, a female with brown hair and brown feathers, with a star diamond shaped patch on her beak called out.
   "Fine Dewdrop, how about you?  And you Nightshade?" Kit's guide, Darkshadow, answered.
   "It went, fine, everyone from the bus was picked up a couple hours ago.  And we fixed a little 'Problem' the Raptor had with its weapons and engines."  The feline called Nightshade, also female, answered with a mischievous smile.  The feline was gray, with silver wavy hair and gray eyes.  The other duck, a male, was smaller and not as well built as Darkshadow, wiry more the word to describe him.  His hair was dark blue and his feathers were a light tan brown.
   "Good." Darkshadow nodded, his dark blue eyes sparkling in mischief. 
   "Yeah, so, what happened ta DeVan? Humm?"  They all swung around to see a slender human standing next to them.  "He hasn't arrived yet Robin, and stop sneaking up on us." The other male said crossly.
   "Why, can't take a good nerve scarein' Nighthawk?"  The human Robin teased.
    "No, its not polite to do things like that to people."  He said primly.  "And your charge…"
    " We met up with J. DeVan and got into some trouble with the droids, I took care of the droids, DeVan took him, I came here after I got ride of the droids.   They aren't back yet?"  She asked.
    "No.   We may have to go get them.  Nightshade, try to pick them up on your communicator.  Dewdrop, Nighthawk, take Kit to the plato, Me and Robin will go back and try to find them."
   "But…" Kit protested.
  "No, Kit, you're the next POWER.  The Rowan will have my head if you get hurt.  Go with Dewdrop and Nighthawk, they know what to do."  Darkshadow instructed. 
      "Darkshadow, I can't pick them up on my communicator.   They may be in trouble.  And I think The Blue Talent is here."  Nightshade said worriedly.
     "What?!"  Darkshadow exclaimed.   
   "The Blue Talent.   He's turned to the other side."  This was Robin, adding in her part.
    "Another.  The Red, The Purple, and now The Blue.  The Gray Talent, Juniper, and the Power are the only magic users who are using white magic now besides the Elders."  Nighthawk didn't like this new outcome.
   "What about the Green?"  Kit asked.
   "We don't have one.  The old one, Icefire DeCaine, your mother, was the Green, until she was killed in battle and became an Elder."  Darkshadow explained to her. 
   Kit nodded, "Oh, I see."
  "See what?  You people are soooo pathetic."  A arrogant sounding voice made them all turn to face a blue feathered Male with black eyes and taller than most.  But he was thin, more thin than lean.  
  "Shiska!  You traitor!"  Robin hissed at him.
  "Traitor!  No, more like, shall we say, a person who has come to his senses."  Shiska answered arrogantly.  "I will let the rest of you go free if you give me Kit, Robin, and Darkshadow."
   "Forget it Babique breath!"  Robin yelled back in anger at Shiska. The others nodded, shot out their hands and started concentrating, balls of energy shooting from their hands.   Kit concentrated and felt the magic flow out.  It restored her energy, healing the wound from the bus, gathering in a huge thing of electialry shooting out at Shiska.
    His blue force field went up, deflecting their magic.   "Nighthawk, Nightshade, go get the Nightstorm ready for takeoff!"  Robin yelled at them, moving to a new position as the wind howled. They nodded and raced over a hill.   Kit shot another blast of energy at Shiska, it being repelled by his shield.  "Go home child!  You're no match for me!"  He sneered at her.  Kit's eyes flared and she shot another, only to again be repelled. 
    Suddenly there was a flash and two more figures appeared, Nastinya and Wraith.
   "The child's mine!  You guys got to kill DeVan and L'Orange, so I get the kid!"  Nastinya glared at Kit.
   But Kit didn't notice.   Dead.  Duke, dead.   She felt as if someone had frozen her solid.  She couldn't feel anything, nothing except an over whelming pain, grief.  Kit realized something then, on that battlefield at night with the wind howling around her, she realized her true feelings. Her eyes burned in anger.   Kit's anger pored out as lighting struck from her outstretched hands, crashing into Nastinya, Shiska and Wraith, sending them flying.  Darkshadow and Robin got their magic out, helping Kit.
   "HEY!  What do ya mean by startin' da party with out us, huh mates?!"  That voice.  Kit knew that voice; it was Jeff DeVan, her very first friend here on earth.   He had been killed in a gang fight years ago in Sacramento. She was distracted for a moment, and Shiska saw his chance.
  He threw a bolt of blue fire at her.  Kit saw it too late, just as it was going to hit her; a gold sword deflected it.  "Ya okay Icefire?!"  The familiar Brooklyn accented voice asked.
  Kit's jaw dropped yet again, "DUKE!  Ya're alive!" Duke looked down at Kit, her spellbinding emerald green eyes looking up at him, full of relief and….. something else.  Duke leaned down and gently tasted her lips, wrapping his free arm around her.
   Kit pulled him closer, letting go of her feelings and showing them.  She pressed against him, crushing her lips to his.  Duke eagerly pulled her closer, pressing their bodies together.
   Suddenly two hands pushed them apart, "Look, hate ta interrupt you two love birds, but we've got a small problem."  Robin said, ducking a bolt shot from Nastinya, then a ball of fire from Wraith.
  Duke sighed and put one of his fingers up to Kit's beak, "Remember where we left off, sweetheart."  Then he let go off her and set up a fighting stance.  Kit did the same; firing off rapid shots of green lighting.
   Then a plane, one that looked a little like the Arrowing, landed next to them, "Come on, hustle!"  Nighthawk yelled.
   Robin nodded and set off one more huge shot of lighting with Kit, then they both released it, sending Nastinya, Wraith and Shiska flying.  Then everyone raced into the Nightstorm (The plane.) and dove into a seat, buckling up.
  "We've got to get out off here now!"  Nighthawk said as he charged the Nightstorm up, flying it up into the sky.
  "No way, lets do something!"  Robin protested.
  "Robin, we're running low on magic, any more and we'll be going on our life force if we use much more magic.  We have to get out of here, but don't worry.  We'll be back."  Darkshadow said.   Robin sighed.  "Okay."
   "Next stop, Anaheim!"  Nightshade said as her and Jeff worked at the controls. 
  Kit and Duke both looked up.  Jeff laughed at their surprised looks.  "Well ya didn't think that we were just goin' ta leave ya someplace, did ya?!"
   "Um, kindda."  Kit said, looking at him, "That reminds me, ya've got some explaining ta do!"
   Jeff looked sheepish, "Well, it turned out that I had some magic talent and I became a Elder.  I never actually died; they got me before I did, that was just an illusion.  And I'm glad ya found out who ya are."
   Kit glared at him.  "Did ya know?!"
  "Well, I kindda guessed.  Looks like I was right though!" he said with a smug smile.
  "Ya did not!"
   "Did too kid!"
   "Don't call me kid!"
  "Okay……. Kid."
   "Ahhh, I give up!  Nice ta see ya again though!"  Kit said, smiling at her old friend.
  "Same here," Jeff answered, then turned his attention back to the controls. 
 Kit yawned and leaned back into the seat, suddenly tried.  Everything was quite as everyone was absorbed by whatever he or she was doing.
   Kit looked up to make eye contact with Duke, who unbuckled and walked over.  "Interesting ride.  Ya see what Wildwing meant by something happening? Happy I came with ya instead of ya goin' by yarself?"
  Kit grinned evilly, "Welllllll, not really sure about that.  Exactly how much help were ya?"
   "Ya little squirt!"  Duke leaned over and kissed her on the lips.  "And weren't ya suppose ta remember where we left off?!" he asked in-between kisses.
  Kit giggled.  "Forgot, I guess."   
  "Ya are a little squirt, ya know that?"
                             The End        
 Disclaimer: Okay dokay, Mighty Ducks are Disney's, Nastinya, Shiska, Darkshadow, Robin, Dewdrop, Nighthawk, Nightshade, Jeff, The Rowan, The other Talents, and Kit DeCaine are sole property of Kit DeCaine.  So no touch unless ya get permission.  Email me if ya do and I'll probably say yes.  Thanks!
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