Mission Terrible-by rach

     It was a warm summer night in Aniheim Calofonia while Wildwing was
tossing and turning and couldn't sleep. Wildwing got up and went to practice.
When he got there he noticed that he wasn't the only one there.

He seen Chameleon setting something on the ice which looked like a bomb.
Wildwing scanned the object with the mask, it was a bomb and it had 50
seconds on it and then a green flash,Chamelion was gone.

Wildwing ran to get the others he woke up Mallory,Tanya,Grin and Duke but
Nosedive wouldn't wake up so Wildwing had to carry him. They were too far
away to get outside but they ran anyway then thye heaard a really loud
explosion and felt it coming,they were all knocked uncontious

      Wildwing was the first one to wake up in the hospital he asked "Why am
I here, where are the others?" Phil said The pond blew up and I found you and
the others unconcious.

I called Kleghorn and we rushed you guys to the hospital."How's the guys?"
Wildwing asked Nosedive and Grin have a slight headach,Tanya has a broken
leg, Mallory's parilised WHAT!? Wildwing asked and Duke's well I don't know
how to say this but Duke's dead WHAT how?  He got crushed by a metal beam.
Wildwing looked down and closed his eyes and said take me to the others.

       Wildwing walked in Nosedives room dive?uuuuh what happened I feel like
I got hit by a bus.Well to put a long story shory Grin's feeling just like
you,Tanya has a broken leg,Mallory's parilised and Duke's well um... dead.
What? nosedive asked sorry dive, he got crushed by a metal beam.

Oh Nosedive said in a sigh How did Mal get Parilised? Phil didn't say  oh ok.
So Nosedive and Wildwing went to talk to Tanya and Mallory but they were both
still unconcious so they went to grin's room but his head hert to much so
they left him alone . They asked to see where Duke was and the nurse said
"down the hall" Nosedive and Wildwing went to his room and said their

    The next day at 6:14am Tanya was wathing tv in her bed when a news report
came on :: We;re sorry to interrupt you but we just heard that the Aniheim
mighty ducks statium has just been blown up 8 hours ago we have  news that a
Check Hardwing (grin) ,Wildwing and Nosedive Flashblade are fine but a Tanya
Vanderflock has a broken leg . Mallory Mcmallord is parilised and we are sad
to say that a Duke L'Orange is dead.

Tanya almost jumped out of her bed when she heard it.Tanya said Wildwing come
in on her com. Wildwing appeared on her com Wildwing what happened to Duke
he's not dead is he?Yes Tanya    Oh Tanya said

A few weeks later back at the pond Nosedive busted through the ready room's
doors and yelled why can't we just go out on the town and search for
Dragonus? Because baby bro we don't even know what part of town he's in.

SO!!! Ol'lizard lips  needs some company after what he did to us espessally
Mallory and Duke Ok dive you and me will go out and try to find him go and
tell the others so they won't get worried k dive? Sure  hold on,

A few minutes laters Nosedive ,Grin,Tanya,and Mallory(in her wheelchair)
came. Wildwing were all coming  we got as much of a reason you do to go
mallory ordered.Ok the more the merrier.Wildwing said

              So the 5 ducks went into the city and scaned it with Wildwing's
mask.Wait a minute I SEE IT!!! It's that outhouse over there. man, I think
that the corniest discuse they ever had. Mallory said then wildwing ordered
Nosedive, Tanya and him to go in and said Grin you and Mallory stay here
.Wildwing what are we gonna do? You're gonna get um if they come out wildwing
said oh mallory said

               Wildwing,Tanya and Nosedive  went inside and found themselves
fighting tons of drounes but it was a sinch compared to what they used to
deal with. Then they made their way to the control room where they seen Seige
and Chamelion pointing their ray gun at them then Dragonus came in the room a
little startled to see his henchmen acculy having the ducks hostage in his
ship! 74

Then suddenly Siege pulled the trigger and hit Tanya putting a hole in her
sholder and with the power of the of the hit it threw Tanya across the room
and Wildwing and Nosedive ran to get her but they were told to stop.

No need to get she will die in a matter of seconds.So Nosedive and Wildwing
just watched their friend die.Oh Wildwing I hope you said good-bye to your
other friends ,what do mean Dragonus? your friends in the migrater or should
I say ex-migrater .What did you do to Mallory and Grin?

Oh Wildwing if you did't catch on their dead just like Duke and Tanya NO!!
you sick bas@#$%  Woah woah cool down save it for you and you're brother Just
then he shot Nosedive right in the chest  the beam went straight through his
armor as he screamed in pain and agony and said bro you've been a great
brother and it was nice having ya as one bye wing as Nosedive said his last
words to his big brother.

g'bye dive tears forming in his eyes. You're  gonna pay for this Dragonus!!
assured Wildwing .Don't be so confandent Wildwing as he shot him in the
chest,like his brother but he did't feel anything but
then......................he woke up

Wildwing rubbed his head he woke up in the hospital as he overheard the tv
say that the pond blew up.He just thought oh no my team where are they as he
comed in Tanya she answered she said if it wasn't for you I'd probably have a
broken leg mallory and duke would be parilised and you Nosedive and Grin
would have major headachs. Is everyone ok? asked Wildwing yes tanya said  Oh
and wing thanx for like saving us and everything.
                                            the end

copyright rachael lorence "99 all charecters copyright Disney and used
without permission

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