Duck Fiction HTML Burnings Chapter 1

Everything in this story created by Disney is property of Disney.

*Dedicated to my grandmother, Dottie Jackson. "I never knew her well
but I love her with all my heart."*


			Chapter One
	Michelle looked around at her friends. She and some of the other 
girls were shopping at the Anahiem Mall. Michelle saw Mallory and Destiny
debating over this cute blue sweater they had found. Dottie was holding 
Tanya down while one of the store's attendants gave her a free make-over.
"How bout this one?" asked Rose snapping Michelle back into reality. "I like
it." Michelle said. She scrutinized over the design. It was a chiffon dress.
Three layers of smoky blue material that seemed to drape over the shoulders
and fall gently to the floor. The sleeves were short and the skirt was long.
"Very pretty. But where would you wear it?" Michelle asked. Rose thought for
a moment. Her friend had a point. "I dunnow. It's such a nice dress too."
"Maybe you oughta buy it then ask Jack out for a hot date!" came Dottie's
voice from behind Michelle. Michelle stepped out of the way to let Dottie
have a better view. Mallory came and stood nearby. "Get it. It brings out 
your eyes." she said. Rose looked at the two. Then back at the dress. "How
much does it cost?" Tanya asked. Rose stifled a laugh when she saw Tanya.
The make-over must have not gone well. Destiny checked the price tag. "Ouch.
Fifty two dollars and ninety-nine cents." she said. "Nope. Too much." Rose
said quickly putting the dress back on the rack. "I'll pay for it." Mallory
said. "Oh no. I couldn't do that." Rose refused. "OH come on. With the pay
check that I get I can afford it. Geez, I can't even blow off all this money
when I shop." Mallory pleaded. "Keep the money, Mal. You will need it if the
NHL goes purist and bumps your team out of play." Rose said. "Oh, right. And
what are the odds of that happening?" Mallory argued. Michelle tuned out of
Mal's and Rose's argument and studied the other customer's in the store. She
watched as a young boy reluctantly displayed a new shirt for his mother 
outside the changing rooms. The store attendant was cleaning up the mess 
from Tanya's make-over. A teenage boy walked in the store and started 
studying the pairs of jeans on a rack nearby. Michelle's interest picked up
when she saw this boy. The boy's face was worried. Or was it nervous? Then
without meaning to, Michelle scanned the boy's mind. Pictures of fire and
a white building flooded her mind. Feelings of anger towards the building
exploded within the boy. Michelle quickly shut her mind when she realized
what she had done. She wasn't as strong as Jack or Pat when it came to 
telepathy. Her specialty was pyrokinesis. Throwing fire. But controlling
telepathy was harder for her. She couldn't always keep her mind closed when
she needed to. "Michelle... Michelle!" Rose's voice again snapped her back
into reality. "Come on. We're leaving." Rose said. Michelle nodded then 
looked back to the teenage boy. It was too late. He was gone. Michelle 
turned back to her friends and waited while they paid for their items. 
Michelle pondered the images in her mind. It was probally some science 
fiction book the boy read. --Whatever it is. It's none of my business.--
Michelle thought. With that she pushed the thoughts out of her mind.
	--Soon she will pay. For every trash can, every dish. Soon I will be
free.-- He quietly bought all the items he needed. His mission would be 
finished tonight. Then he'd be a true member. They would accept him. And the
old lady would no longer be in his way. --What will be done about little
missy? Aww. She can fend for herself.-- He gathered his items and payed the
cashier. --Tonight--. The teenage boy left the store not realizing the pair
of eyes that trailed his movements.
	Rose looked around herself. --So this must be that forest Wing told
me about.-- She looked at the millenium old trees standing around her. Rose
walked down the path. It eventually led her to a clearing. In this clearing
stood a young man. In his hand he held a lit match. At his feet knelt a girl
who seemed to plead with the young man. The young man dropped the match into
the girl's hair. Rose watched in horror as the girl was enveloped in blue
flames. Slowly the flames spread away from the girl to the grass in the 
clearing. All the grass was on fire. The boy faded away and the girl stood
up straight. The flames left her body. She motioned her hand across the 
grass and the fire again disappeared. This girl stood in front of Rose. Her
dark brown eyes looked to Rose. The girl was the same heigth as Rose. She
had shoulder length brown hair. The girl turned her gaze into the sky. Rose
looked to the sky to see what this girl saw. A white house in flames. An 
elderly woman standing in the doorway crying. Simply crying tears. Not a sob
left this woman's mouth. This woman's eyes showed a sadness that only Rose's
mentor Foxspirit had ever shown. The woman faded away while the beautiful
house turned into ashes. 
	Rose woke up the next morning. So this was what Wildwing meant. Rose
remembered when Wing told her about his dreams and how he knew her. She got
dressed then walked downstairs. She was glad that Maloney had finally let
them decorate the compound. It had been so miserable when it was disguised 
as a military training camp. She entered the kitchen and looked around. Jack
was already up. The others were still asleep. "Hiya hyper." Jack said with
a mischeivious smile. Rose sent Jack a death look then went on to search the
cabinet for those candy bars she hid earlier that week. "Oh, fine, ignore 
me." he continued. Rose looked at Jack again. He had become much looser now
that all this about the spiritual council thing was out in the open. --Must
have been the military theme-- she thought. Rose found the candy bars then
reached into the fridge and grabbed a soda. "I wasn't ignoring you. I just
chose not to answer you." Rose said. Jack smiled approvingly. "Oh, ok. So
then what would ignoring me be?" Jack retaliated. Rose smiled and said "Not
saying anything to you or even so mch as acknowledging your presence." she
vollied back. "OH." Jack smiled then returned to his bowl of cheerios. "You
know that's not a healthy breakfast." he said after a bit of silence. "So?"
Rose looked up at him. "I already knew that. I don't eat to be healthy, I
eat to eat. Preferably food I like." she finished. "Amen!" said Michelle 
from the door. Rose looked up to see her best friend walk into the kitchen.
Michelle grabbed a candy bar and soda of her own a joined her friends at the
table. Jack raised his hands in the air and dropped his head in a sign of
surrender. He knew better than to argue with these two when they were 
together. To many it was the same as suicide. Rose and Michlle slapped a 
hidden high five and smiled knowing looks at each other. "So, Jacky. Did you
sleep well?" Michelle asked. She then smiled an evil smile at Jack. Jack
looked up at Michelle and frowned. He ran his hand through his hair to make 
sure nothing had happened to it. He looked at Michelle supiciosly. "Yeah, I
slept fine." he said. He slowly got up and washed his bowl and spoon. Rose
shook her head. "Michelle, you're a card. You know you're gonna give poor
Jack a heart attack if you keep playing these little games with him." Rose
said pretending to take Jack's side. Jack rolled his eyes and left the 
kitchen just as Pat and Kareem came in. "Morning ladies." said Kareem. 
"Morning." said the girls together. Pat smiled and Michelle and Rose then
turned on the television that he kept in the kitchen. Kareem poured a couple
of glasses of orange juice for him and Pat then sat at the table. Pat sat
next to Kareem. The two silently watched the news and drank their juice.
Soon Jack came back. "Ready for round two?" Rose said with a smile. Jack
gave Rose and Michelle a dirty looke then sat on the other side of Kareem 
to watch the news. "Last night, a white house was burnt down. 1408 Moon
Drive became another victim of the arson wave." said the newscaster. Rose
and Michelle immediately were all ears. They watched in horror as the news
displayed the beautiful white house lying in ashes. Rose fingered the 
pendant as they showed a picture of the elderly lady that lived their with
her two grandchildren. All were the same ones from her dream. Then it hit
Rose. The boy, was the same one that Michelle had been checking out at the
mall the day before. Rose looked over at Michelle. Her face was pale. Rose
felt that hers was in the same condition. Michelle looked over at Rose.
--Are you wondering the same thing I am?-- she asked in telepathy. Rose knew
that if Michelle was purposely resorting to telepathy then it was either
very private or very serious. --Quite possibly. We'd better go talk. Cause I
had one of those dreams Wing had talked about.-- Rose responded. Michelle
nodded. The two girls hurriedly got up and put away their trash. Jack 
watched silently as they left the room. He couldn't help but feel that there
was something going on. He also felt that it wasn't good.

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