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*Dedicated to my Grandmother, Dottie Jackson. "I never knew her
but I love her with all my heart."*


			Chapter Three
	As Duke and Mallory return to the compound, Rose and Michelle 
hastened forward on their quest for answers and reconciliation. The arson
ring that killed their dear friend had much to answer for. Rose watched 
silently from Michelle's red mustang. Finally the two teenage girls emerged
from the store, in their arms they carried two sacks. This was the fifth
store they had stopped at. Each time these girls bought supplies for fire.
The blue buick they had been following started up and left the parking lot.
Michelle started her own car and discreetly followed. Rose looked at her
watch and noted that it was ten o'clock. --I don't like this.-- Rose thought
to Michelle. --Nor do I.-- came Michelle's thoughts. Finally the buick 
parked in the parking lot of an abandoned warehouse. Michelle parked a block
away. Rose watched quietly as the girls walked to a side door and knocked.
The knock brought a teenage boy. The boy looked at the girls. He then turned
and communicated to some others inside. The boy came out followed by four
other boys. The five boys went and took the supplies out of the trunk of the
girls' car and went back inside. Rose looked the building over quickly. Then
she scanned it. --There's about thirty people in there. I don't like the
set of feelings I'm getting from them either-- Rose thought. --Me too. Let's
go in.-- thought Michelle. --Shouldn't we get the others?-- --We'll be 
alright.-- Rose frowned and followed Michelle. Michelle silently made her
way to the side of the building. To their surprise they found a hole cut in
the side of the building. It was just small enough for them to fit through.
Michelle didn't even look at Rose before she crawled through. Rose silently
looked around then followed. Inside Rose and Michelle found a group of 
teens. They were all seated around on the floor facing a young man who stood
in front of them. "This meeting of the Pyro-hood shall come to order." he
said. The young man had the look of around eighteen. He was six feet tall 
and had blue eyes and pale blonde hair. He would have been rather handsome
had his face not been showing an egotistical smirk. When the rest of the
group had quieted down he began to speak again. "Ok, our target tonight is
the teenybopper closet. They have cuaght a couple of our members 
shoplifting. They pressed charges and now they'll pay." The other teens 
nodded their heads and murmured their approval. Rose and Michelle looked at 
each other in horror. This was the arson ring. But it was nothing more than
a senseless teenage cult. Many of the teens picked out objects from the
pile of supplies that had been brought in. They split up their arsenal of
matches, lighter fluid, gasoline, ropes and so on amongst themselves. Then
they started to leave. Meanwhile, an observant girl approached the young
man who placed himself as leader. Rose and Michelle did not notice her 
whispering in his ear. He smiled at the girl at whispered back. He silently
went behind Rose and Michelle. With two swift blows to the head the two 
spies laid unconscious on the floor.
	Duke and Mallory returned to the pond with the duckcycle. Duke was
still steaming about being left behind. When they arrived Wing was waiting
for them in the garage. "Hey. How's they doing?" Wing asked. Mal smirked.
Ever since the new alliance between the ducks and the psysquad, Wildwing
had taken a bit of a brotherly interest in Rose and Michelle. Duke looked at
Wing in disgust then stormed out of the room. "What doomed his day?" Wing
asked. "He's a bit mad at Rose and Michelle. Who, by the way, are doing ok.
They're a little depressed but they'll be ok." Mallory answered. "I won't
ask why Duke's mad at them." Wing said. Mallory smiled at Wing and walked
with him to the ready room where they found Duke. He was still mad and he
looked like he was ready to blow his top. The other ducks left him alone 
so he would cool down. Finally after a half hour. Duke had calmed down. His
expression of anger had melted into worry. Mallory recollected the story of
Rose and Michelle's disappearance to the others. When she had finished the
room was entirely silent. Not a word was said since everyone was in deep
thought and worry. The telephone's harsh ring snapped them to reality.
Mallory picked up the phone. "Hello." she said. "Hey, Mal. It's Jack. We've
got a problem. We can't find Rose and Michelle. Not even by telepathic 
scan." Jack said worriedly. "Look, calm down we'll be there in ten minutes.
Until then keep scanning." Mallory instructed. She hung up the phone. "We
have to goot the compound. Jack and the other's have lost contact with our
two disappearing acts." she said. "Lost contact?" Nosedive said. "Yeah. I
mean contact as in being able to find other telepaths around the city." 
"Oh." "Well, let's go." Wing said. The six ducks ran to the Migrator and 
were soon on their way.
	Rose regained her consciousness quickly. She looked around herself
and found that she and Michelle were in the back of a black van. --Typical--
she thought. She tried to scan her surroundings but she felt nothing. 
What's going on here?-- she thought. She tried as hard as she could but she
couldn't use her powers. The leader who was in the passenger seat looked
behind him to see Rose awake and alert. "Well, pretty spy number one is
awake. I hope your quite comfortable." he said. The young man crawled out of
his seat a kneeled next to Rose. "My, aren't you a fast healer. I've used 
that blow on people and they sometimes wouldn't wake up for days." The young
man smirked. All this time Rose had remained quiet and continued to do so.
"I guess I'd better introduce myself. It doesn't matter if you know who I
am. You're going to die anyway. My name is Bryan. You should already know
that I'm the leader of the pyro-hood. You're probally also wondering how you
can't use your telepathic powers. Well, I also know a few things. I know
about the psysquad. I also know a formula for supressing your powers. A 
simple injection and all your wonderful powers are gone." Rose frowned at
Bryan. This couldn't be good. Rose heard Michelle stirring to life behind
her. Bryan gave Rose a cynical smile as he moved back into his seat. Rose
adjusted herself so she could see Michelle. Michelle looked up at Rose. Then
at Bryan. "I heard everything." she whispered. Rose nodded and looked out of
the windsheild. They had reached the 'target'. Bryan and the driver got out
of the van. Rose and Michelle grimly watched as the side door was opened and
two more young men got in. Michelle immediately recognized one of them as 
the young man from the mall. The two guys pulled Rose and Michelle out of 
the van and moved towards the store. Then Rose suddenly realized what was
going to happen. --They're gonna burn the store down and us in it!-- she
thought, --If only I had my powers right now.-- Everyone waited as someone
picked the lock on the back door. Once open, the pyro-hood went inside and
set to work. Most of them were busy setting up. The two guys carrying 
Michelle and Rose set them down in the middle of the store. The second guy
walked off to help the others. The one who Rose and Michelle knew kneeled
down and started checking their ropes. Out of nowhere, the brunette from
Rose's dream appeared. "Devon, please." she said. Rose recognized the 
pleading look in her face. The boy she addressed as Devon looked at her in
surprise. "Missy, get out of here. I don't want you caught." he hissed at
her. Rose and Michelle looked from the boy to the girl back to the boy. 
"I don't care. This isn't right. Please." Missy pleaded with him. Devon 
looked at her and sighed. "All right. We'll send a message. We can't stop
this ourselves." Missy nodded and joined hands with him. Michelle watched as 
the two concentrated on each other's eyes. --What are they doing?-- she
wondered. Bryan came around the counter and saw them. Devon looked up in 
time to see Bryan raising his hand above Missy's head. "No!" he said. He
lept from his position and knocked Bryan on his back. "Pyro-hood scatter and
light the fuse!" Bryan shouted as he recovered to counterattack Devon.
Missy lost no time and untied Rose's and Michelle's ropes. Michelle jumped
to her feet. She saw the other cult members running out the door. Michelle
also heard gunfire outside in the street. Rose looked and saw another member
program a bomb then run out of the building. Rose grabbed Michelle's sleeve.
"We've got to get out of here!" she shouted. "But, what about them?" 
Michelle said pointing to Missy and Devon. Rose looked and saw Devon was 
still struggling with Bryan. Devon managed to shove Bryan into a wall and
stun him for a second. He turned and shouted "Get out of here you three. 
I'll take care of him." Rose and Michelle each grabbed one of Missy's arms
and pulled her out of the building. Once outside, Rose couldn't beleive her
eyes. The Ducks and the Psysquad had arrived and caught the whole cult. 
Michelle and Rose were warmly reconciled to their friends. "Well, it's about
time we found you." Duke said. "Why did you go off and dissapear like that?"
Jack asked. Rose shook her head. "Later." she said. Everybody turned
to see the building explode and burn to ashes. "Nooo!" Missy screamed and
would have run for the building if Coke hadn't been holding her back. Missy
then fainted away. 
	Everyone was at the compound. The Ducks had followed the psysquad
back to learn about their new friend, Missy. Tanya finished treating Rose
and Michelle for smoke inhalation. Rose looked to see that Coke still 
hovered near the unconscious Missy. "You seem quite interested in her." she
said. Coke's head snapped up. Rose noted that his face suddenly went pale
then bright red. "Uhhh.. Naw. I was... It's nothing... I uhh..." Coke's 
stuttering was interupted by a cough from Missy. Missy slowly sat up. "Hi."
Coke said to her. Missy looked at him and blushed. "Uh... hi." she said.
"Are you a telepath?" Jack said outright. "Jack." Rose interjected. "No, let
him speak." said Maloney's voice from the back of the room. Everyone looked
to see Maloney and Fox had arrived. Missy shifted uncomfortably. "Yes, I 
am." she answered. Fox walked over and sat next to Missy. "Here, I beleive
you will want this." she said handing Missy a yellow box. "Coke, you have
been without a partner since I have returned to the council. We have chosen
Missy as your partner on the the future council." Fox said. Coke nodded 
slowly and smiled. He liked this idea. Missy opened the package which she
had just been given. It was the yellow uniform that Fox had worn when she 
was in diguise. Missy looked and saw that Coke wore a uniform of the same
color. Missy looked around at all the psysquad and saw that they were paired
off in teams of two. Each team represented by a different color. "I have a
question." Mallory said. "What is going on here?" Fox smiled and looked at
Maloney. "Well," he began, "Missy, was chosen to be Coke's partner when we
were deciding who was to be the future council. We purposely left Missy on
the outside of the team so that Fox could do her part. Another one of the
council trained Missy while we trained the rest. Missy's brother, Devon was
also telepathic. But he was not chosen for the team. He was chosen to
further team. Devon and Missy are Ms. Drina's grandchildren. She gladly gave
her life so that the universe would be safe for the future. Devon also gave
his life in the end. But now, the team is one and the future rapidly
approaches." Wildwing shook his head then looked at his friend Canard.
Canard was currently residing with the ducks until the time the this future
council could ascend it's throne. Wildwing sighed and stood up. This was too
strange for him. "Come on ducks, let's go home and allow Missy to settle in
without us in the way." The other ducks stood and stretched. They were glad
to go home. It was late and they were tired. 
	The next day, was Ms. Drina's funeral. The ducks and the psysquad
came. Rose, Michelle, and Missy couldn't help but crying. The three girls 
had lost a friend and a grandmother. Wildwing gave each of them a warm hug
in effort to cheer them up. --I guess earth's ice cream has only temporary
effects.-- he thought.

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